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Date Established 06/2018
Founder Mushie and Levi Feigenson
Headquarters Houston, Texas
Press Contact Rebekah


Baby Body Lotion (Fragrance Free)
Baby Body Lotion (Fragrance Free) $24.00
Organic Cotton Sleep Bag
Organic Cotton Sleep Bag $32.00
Ribbed Knotted Baby Gown
Ribbed Knotted Baby Gown $28.00
Nesting Stars Toy
Nesting Stars Toy $14.99
Phone Press Toy
Phone Press Toy $14.99
Stacking Cups Toy
Stacking Cups Toy $14.99
Stacking Rings Toy
Stacking Rings Toy $17.99
Extra Soft Muslin Crib Sheet
Extra Soft Muslin Crib Sheet $26.00
Silicone Sippy Cup
Silicone Sippy Cup $15.99
Silicone place mat
Silicone place mat $15.99
Silicone Baby Bib
Silicone Baby Bib $12.99
Silicone Suction Plate
Silicone Suction Plate $16.99
Snack Cup
Snack Cup $13.99
Silicone Pacifier Case
Silicone Pacifier Case $13.99


Mushie is a modern baby brand with thoughtfully designed products that bring calm to parenthood. With playful and cozy designs, our collection of essentials help families live well. We select premium and safe materials that push back against the consumerism of disposable goods and prioritize the wellbeing of families with nontoxic materials like food grade silicone and organic cotton. From swaddles to snack cups, our products are loved by parents and babies alike. In 2018, our founders set out to challenge industry norms with modern baby products that are within reach for most families. This means since day one, we’ve really listened when customers reach out and then we use that feedback to get better at what we do.

We want to make it easier to live well, and our work doesn’t stop with childhood essentials. We invest in underserved communities around the world and participate in programs that support families in need. By partnering with organizations that specialize in these areas, we can do our part to make good things happen in our local community and on a global scale.

Founding Story

In 2018 Mushie and Levi Feigenson left their jobs in education and marketing and invested $1,500 to pursue a dream. At the time, they worked out of a spare bedroom in their Southwest Houston home. During Mushie’s second pregnancy, she was diagnosed with hyperemesis and placed on bedrest. While at home, she found joy researching the best products on the market for her baby. She and Levi found it challenging to find aesthetically pleasing, practical and safe baby products, and from here, the company was born.


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