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Date Established 08/2020
Founder Ben Beason
Headquarters Richmond, VA
Tech, Beverage, Food
Press Contact Ben Beason


Munchlist App
Munchlist App


Solving the marketing problem that home cooks cannot get on their own. Munchlist streamlines the overall ordering process, while creating a bigger brand for home cooks. No more word of mouth, the app will provide direct access to home cooks that foodies can easily locate. It will be the Uber of food and can easily access local cooks no matter where you travel. They are currently relying on Facebook, Instagram, and word of mouth to sell plates/promotion. Muchlist will provide GPS tracking for local cooks nearby, incoming orders for cooks, estimated food readiness, and more.

Founding Story

Ben Beason thought about this idea due to real world events. The pandemic crippled the restaurant business especially small business owners. He realized a lot of people resorted to selling food from home and was shocked that we did not have a platform to cater to these cooks. They were trying to make money but didn't have a dedicated platform to overcome these troubling times. He thought about what can I do to help?

Ben personally love food and grew up eating from great home cooks in New Orleans, LA. He came up with an idea to create a platform for the everyday mom and pop selling from home. Ben traveled the world eating from home cooks and personally know outside of Facebook/Instagram, they have no other means to market their food. He interviewed numerous cooks via Zoom and all say the samething "we need this platform". Munchlist is intended to streamline the process and market their brand, which is badly needed.


Ben Beason

Founder & CEO

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Ben is married to his beautiful wife Asha and they have one son together. He was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and currently reside in Richmond, VA.

An Air Force veteran where he traveled the world and met some awesome people. Ben is a foodie at heart and had the opportunity taste food worldwide. He holds his B.S. in Business.


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