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Muddy Bites

The best part of a sundae cone, now as a bite-sized snack.


Date Established 11/2018
Founder Jarod Steffes
Headquarters North Sioux City, South Dakota
Press Contact Emma Bice


Milk Chocolate Muddy Bites
Milk Chocolate Muddy Bites $24.99
Dark Chocolate Muddy Bites
Dark Chocolate Muddy Bites $24.99


Muddy Bites took the best part of a sundae cone and turned it into a bite-sized snack! These crunchy, light mini waffle cones are filled with chocolate for a delicious treat that you get to enjoy over and over again. Currently available in Milk, Dark, and White chocolate!

Available through their website, Amazon, and retail stores are coming soon!

Founding Story

The Muddy Bite founders grew up eating hundreds, if not thousands of sundae cones throughout their childhood; from ice cream trucks to grandma’s house - really, anywhere they could get their hands on them! There was always a sense of excitement and happiness every time they got down to the end of the sundae cone filled with chocolate, aka, the BEST part.

So they got to thinking - “why doesn’t anyone sell the bottom part of a sundae-cone?” They came together and realized their shared love of the best part of the sundae cone.

Jarod & Tyler figured they weren’t the only ones who felt that way, and just like that, Muddy Bites was born.

Team Bios

After graduating from college with a degree in Digital Media, Emma began her social media career at restaurant group in Chicago, IL. She started as a Social Media Coordinator, and worked her way up to the Manager of Social Media + Content.

She joined Muddy Bites in May of 2021 as the Social Media Director. Since joining the team, Muddy Bites has launched on Tiktok, garnering over 50 million organic views. Emma specializes in content strategy, copywriting, photography, and short form video.

Founded Muddy Bites back in 2018, launched in 2019, and have been selling the best part of a sundae cone ever since! We've gone from a team of 2 to a team of 10+ in a very short timeframe, expanding our digital online presence and now beginning our retail journey.

We spent 2 years making everything by HAND and as of July 2021, developed a deeper internal manufacturing process to increase our production by over 400%. Allowing us to expand across the country in retail stores near you!


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The smell upon opening is of pure milk chocolate, kinda smells like fresh melted fudge. The taste from the bottom up... super crunchy with a delicious sweet waffle vibe that leads into thick chunk age of potent milk chocolate (incredible). The waffle cone is freaking godly.

Mark Devo

Published Food Blogger


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