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Date Established 08/2020
Founder Sarah Davies
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario Canada
Press Contact Sarah Davies


Pecan Pie Snackable Granola Chunks
Pecan Pie Snackable Granola Chunks $12.47
Salted Caramel Snackable Granola Chunks
Salted Caramel Snackable Granola Chunks $12.49


More Granola is a gourmet granola brand setting out to make healthy eating more indulgent, while also stimulating creativity in consumers. These snackable granola chunks bridge the gap between granola cereal and bars, with crunchy granola pieces that can be eaten right out of the bag or broken up to eat by the spoonful.

All of the More Granola flavours are inspired by classic desserts but made with simple and nutritious ingredients you would find in your own pantry. Having varieties reminiscent of recognizable treats not only allows our consumers to know what flavour profile they can expect from our product, but also inspires a feeling of indulgence during consumption. More Granola's mission is to help change people’s relationship with healthy food, by prompting them to savour natural flavours the same way they do their favourite indulgences.

Founding Story

More Granola was born out of a simple desire: to snack on granola chunks.
Founder Sarah used to buy boxes of granola just to pick out all of the clusters to munch on. She could never understand why those bigger pieces were so rare, when they were so clearly the best part of the box!
In 2020, amidst the pandemic, Sarah decided to create the product she was missing, with a snackable granola that tastes like a treat.


Sarah Davies


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Sarah spend the first 5 years of her career working in wealth management at a major Canadian bank, but she always knew something was missing. A passionate foodie and home cook, she dreamed of working in the food industry, but wasn't sure what that dream could look like in reality.

So she left banking to pursue her MBA at IE Business School in Madrid Spain, known for its focus on entrepreneurship, with an eye to starting her own food based business. Halfway through the program the COVID-19 pandemic began and Sarah flew home to complete the remainder of the program remotely.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty that came with the onset of the pandemic, Sarah knew it was the perfect opportunity to launch her brand, More Granola, aimed at bringing joy through food with its nostalgic flavours and novel format, designed to ignite creativity in consumers.


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