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Date Established 12/2020
Founder Julia Collins
Headquarters San Francisco, CA, USA
Press Contact Rachel Stoczko


Rosemary Garlic
Rosemary Garlic $5.99
Sourdough Sea Salt
Sourdough Sea Salt $5.99
Tomato Basil
Tomato Basil $5.99


Moonshot is the first climate-friendly snack brand that's better for you and the planet. Made with regeneratively grown ingredients that help sequester more carbon in the soil; Moonshot is on a mission to tackle climate change, by changing the way the world snacks. 

Moonshot's plant-based crackers are made with the highest quality ingredients- heirloom wheat and heart-healthy sunflower oil, and no added sugar or preservatives.

Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO, Moonshot's ingredients are grown by farmers that use regenerative farming methods to improve soil health and bury carbon in the ground, resulting in a 100% Carbon Neutral Snack.

Available in 3 flavors, Sea Salt Sourdough, Rosemary Garlic and Tomato Basil, Moonshot is a certified WBENC woman-owned business and BIPOC-founded and owned company.

Founding Story

Launched in 2020, Moonshot was born from a vision for a better world. According to the UN, approximately 34% of global greenhouse gas emissions come from food systems and land use - that's more than a third. More alarming, scientists believe that, if we do nothing to change how we produce our food, we will have less than 60 years of topsoil, the life force of our food, left. Seeing the sizeable role food plays in climate change, as well as the industry’s powerful potential to be a part of the solution, Julia Collins’, a serial founder and experienced restauranteur, set out to build the world’s first climate-friendly snack brand. Inspired to create a better world for her young sons, Julia is on a mission to create an entirely new category of climate-friendly food and catalyze consumers to join the Climatarian movement. 

Team Bios

Julia Collins is a serial entrepreneur who realized food was her calling as a young girl in San Francisco where it was the epicenter of her community. She’s spent her career building food companies, helping to launch and grow brands such as Mexicue, Murray’s Cheese Bar and Harlem Jazz Enterprises, the company responsible for the award-winning restaurant, The Cecil. She later went on to co-found Zume Pizza where she became the first Black woman to co-found a unicorn company. When she became a mother, she knew she needed to find a way to bring delicious food to people in a way that helped heal the planet for everyone including her son. 

Today, Julia leads Planet FWD, a company on a mission to tackle climate change by making it easier to bring climate-friendly products to market. The company is building a software platform for regenerative agriculture alongside the US’ first climate-friendly snack brand, Moonshot. 

In addition, Julia sits on the advisory council for Launch with GS and the Food for Climate League board, serves on the All Raise operating committee, and is an EIR for Cleo Capital. She is an active angel investor focused on funding female entrepreneurs and BIPOC founders. 

Follow Julia: Instagram - @JuliaECollins | Twitter - @JuliaCollins

Follow Moonshot: Instagram - @MoonshotSnacks | Twitter - @MoonshotSnacks


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Bristol Farms
The Fresh Market
The Goods Mart
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Foxtrot Market
Giant Foods




The regeneratively grown ingredients that Moonshot employs for its delicious, hunger-quenching crackers is wheat and sunflower oil. According to Julia Collins, who is the founder and CEO of Planet Fwd—the startup that created Moonshot—the hope is "to create a new category of food called climate-friendly food."

Kalina Nedelcheva

I look forward to my Moonshots every month. This tasty crackers goes with everything or eaten alone. I intend to sacrifice a box with friends to spread the word.

Rose C.

These crackers have the perfect amount of flavor, where it’s not overpowering but still enough to make those taste buds dance. Regenerative organic farming and carbon neutral on top of that? Yeah that’s good. Looking forward to see Moonshot grow.

Drew L.

We absolutely love our Moonshot crackers- with cheese, dips or alone! It also feels really great (and necessary) to support a company that thinks about both the planet and people in their work. THANK YOU. This is (we hope) the future of the food industry- delicious, nutritious and ethical.

Talia G.


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