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Date Established 10/2021
Founder Brianna Arps
Headquarters New York City
Press Contact Sara Spiegel


Worthy Skinscent Grab-then-Go Duo
Worthy Skinscent Grab-then-Go Duo $65.00


MOODEAUX exists to enhance the way scent-crazed beauty fanatics think about, and ultimately, practice self-care. A clean, luxury fragrance label that is a direct link between smelling good and feeling good. MOODEAUX fragrances are 100% made for skin without alcohol, water, or dyes to help accessorize moods at less of a cost to the environment. A VIP invite to put the world on pause.

Founding Story

As a former NYC editor who started in beauty, Brianna has been privileged to test and write about countless amazing products — many of them created by Black women, yet none dealing with my favorite accessory: fragrance. Which is unfortunate, given the fact Black women, like herself, spend so much on perfumes year-over-year, and generally speaking, account for almost a quarter of the total U.S. market. When the time came to move on and forge a new career path, she knew she had to do something about it. But what she didn't know was how hard launching in this industry can be when you lack the contacts, resources and funds readily available to others. MOODEAUX and Black In Fragrance are her vision and hope for change, they are her “brand children” and she is so proud of them.


If love had a smell, what would it smell like? "Worthy" by MOODEAUX



Whoever said MOODEAUX is like a warm hug. Y'all ain't a lie. Yes I am in fact smelling myself today.




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