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Date Established 06/2014
Outdoor Adventure
Press Contact Bruce Riggs


Monday Motorbikes, is a company that sells online electric bikes. They offer a range of models, including the ANZA and Torrey, which are designed for commuting and community cruising, respectively. The bikes feature powerful motors, long battery life, and various accessories.

Founding Story

Monday Motorbikes, Inc. is a Long Beach, California and Austin, Texas hybrid.   The company was launched with a commitment to Fast, Fun, Simple and Connected™ electric mobility.  Monday Motorbikes and our products open the road to adventure in rider communities across North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Brazil .  We offer an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and your acoustic signature as you explore neighborhoods, backroads, mountain trails, a path to the beach or your daily campus and urban commutes.   We have a passion for riding, a commitment to the environment and a love of the outdoors.   Few experiences compare to the sense of community when riding on two wheels opens your view to the shops, parks, back roads and trails around you. There are so many reasons to be out enjoying electric bikes. Find your favorite bike and join the Monday Motorbikes community.  Adventure Begins on Monday!™ 


ANZA 500S $1699.00
Torrey 750S Motorbike
Torrey 750S Motorbike $2299.00
Piezo $4599.00
Gateway Motorbike
Gateway Motorbike $2399.00
Anza 750S
Anza 750S $1999.00
Antero $3099.00

Team Bios

Bruce Riggs is the CEO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Monday Motorbikes, Inc based in Signal Hill, CA. Bruce came to the electric vehicle industry by way of the consumer electronics and computer industry having served as the VP of Operations in Dell's Mobile Computing Group, SVP and General Manager of Quanta Computer operations in China and COO of the Smart Device Business Group with Compal Electronics in China. Bruce has 14 years experience working in China, Mexico, Brazil and India in support of Tier 1 brands and speaks Mandarin and Spanish in daily operations as Monday Motorbikes manages brand development, international expansion, electric vehicle technologies, energy storage, and a global supply chain.

Since 2018 Bruce has focused on light EV development with early stage companies in C-Suite roles with Boosted, Ayro, Volcon and Monday Motorbikes. His experience includes two successful public offerings and a passion for electric mobility for the campus, community and urban daily commute. Bruce is an evangelist for electric mobility, on and off road, for a growing community of riders who are discovering quiet enjoyment of the outdoors on a Fast, Fun, Simple and Connected™ EV platform.


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