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Date Established 06/2021
Founder Alison Ruks
Headquarters Lake Country, BC, Canada
Press Contact Alison Ruks


Home of the 2-1 Nursing Cover + Hat - New to press and media.

Parenting can be hard, so Mobo Co. supports parents of young children by providing products that make life easier, comfier, and more stylish.

Their products aren’t the status quo. They level up the current solutions for buyers and gift-givers who want fashionable, quality goods that can last for multiple children.

Made in Canada and the USA, their products are eco-friendly and sustainable, and they donate 1% of all sales to organizations that support parental health.

Their flagship product is their 2-1 Nursing Cover + Hat. Worn by baby, not mom, it is the perfect shower gift, doubles as a sun hat for baby, helps normalize breastfeeding in public, and is the only nursing cover that moms don’t have to hide under.

Founding Story

Spending over 7 years as an executive in male dominated industries, Alison Ruks experienced the challenges women face with climbing up the career ladder. When she had her daughter, she not only experienced 'women in the workplace' inequity, but it was then compounded by 'mother in the workplace' inequity. This led motivated her to forge her own path as a female founder.

While becoming a parent was hard, her journey was compounded by postpartum depression and anxiety and she developed an insatiable desire to create a business that not only created parenting products to make life easier, comfier, and more stylish but also to give back 1% of all sales to organizations that support parental health.

In 2021, she successfully brought to market the Mobobaby 2-1 Nursing Cover + Hat, the world’s first fashion-friendly breastfeeding hat that helps normalize breastfeeding in public and is the only nursing cover on the market that the baby wears, instead of mom. She also acquired, the most comfortable, fashionable Canadian-made linen ring slings that make babywearing more fashionable and comfy.


Mobobaby 2-1 Nursing Cover + Hat
Mobobaby 2-1 Nursing Cover + Hat $49.99




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