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Date Established 08/2013
Founder Lauren Purvis
Headquarters Santa Barbara, CA and Portland, OR
Press Contact Lauren Purvis


Mizuba Daily Matcha
Mizuba Daily Matcha $20.00
Matcha Moment® Essential Tea Set
Matcha Moment® Essential Tea Set $47.00
House Organic Mizuba Matcha
House Organic Mizuba Matcha $25.00
100g Organic Culinary Mizuba Matcha
100g Organic Culinary Mizuba Matcha $30.00
Mizuba Nagomi Organic Matcha
Mizuba Nagomi Organic Matcha $35.00
Yorokobi Organic Mizuba Matcha
Yorokobi Organic Mizuba Matcha $40.00
Kokoro Mizuba Matcha
Kokoro Mizuba Matcha $50.00
Mizuba Matcha Single-Serve Packs.
Mizuba Matcha Single-Serve Packs. $14.00
Mizuba Tencha 碾茶
Mizuba Tencha 碾茶 $26.50


Mizuba Tea Co. works with small family matcha producers in Uji, Japan to bring you traditional matcha and Japanese green teas of integrity. As a woman-owned, direct-trade company and a recognized “Uji Cha Tea Dealer,” Mizuba Tea Co. personally knows, visits, and counts as friends the matcha producers who strive to uphold Japanese tea heritage. Mizuba’s teas are certified organic, nonGMO, certified radiation-free, certified heavy-metal-free, and gluten-free.

With 15+ years of professional barista experience on their team, Mizuba Matcha is the matcha of choice for over 300 specialty coffee shops nationwide. You can also find Mizuba in numerous specialty markets, spas, cocktail and juice bars, restaurants, featured in many skincare companies and more. Their company is entirely built on wonderful relationships and creative collaborations made over each and every cup of tea they share!

Founding Story

Lauren was raised on Constant Comment, by Bigelow. While the blend will always have a place in her heart, Lauren quickly realized there was much more to the tea life and began her study of specialty tea at 11 years of age when she was in middle school. Fast forward, a trip to Japan in 2013 opened her eyes to how quality teas can be made accessible and enjoyed by all. A frothy cup of matcha in the community of Uji revealed to her the depth of Japanese tea's complex flavor profiles. What's more, the friendships she made over those cups of tea were just as wonderful as the quality of the tea itself. The experience spurred Lauren toward a dedication to study Japanese tea cultivation, production, and culture. Furthermore, a connection with a traditional Uji matcha producer solidified her commitment to traditional shade-grown and stone-ground matcha with her company, Mizuba Tea Co.® Mizuba has since grown to be the matcha of choice by over 300 specialty coffee shops nationwide, and has been featured in publications such as Vogue Magazine (UK & Italia), Vanity Fair, Edible Magazine,, and the Washington Post. Lauren has been recognized by the farmers she works with via the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce as a representative “Uji-cha Tea Dealer.”


Lauren Danson

Founder, CEO

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Lauren has been studying specialty tea for over 17 years and never set out to own a business. But at 22 years of age, she was driven purely by a deep passion for specialty, small-batch tea that directly supports the producers who make it.

She found her true passion specifically for Japanese teas in 2013 after meeting a matcha producer in Uji, Japan. That year, Lauren founded Mizuba Tea Company to help preserve the heritage of traditional and authentic Uji matcha and provide a platform for Japanese tea producers that are crafting exceptional teas around the country.

Lauren built Mizuba Tea Co. solely on friendships with the people who make incredible teas and the ability to share their work with family, friends, and now globally with everyone in Mizuba's vast communi•tea. Lauren & Mizuba Tea are recognized Uji Cha Tea Dealers and have the honor of working with some of the most highly awarded tea producers in Japan.


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