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Superfruit products made as a taste modifier for diabetics


Date Established 05/2014
Founder Dr. Emmanuel Asare
Headquarters New York
Food, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Letitia Asare


MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets
MiraBurst Miracle Berry Tablets $15.95


MiraBurst helps diabetics and borderline diabetics enjoy a healthy eating habit that becomes a permanent lifestyle. The MiraBurst tablet is produced from 100% pure miracle berry powder without any additives or preservatives. The miracle berry is a very unique superfruit that contains an active substance called miraculin. When the berry is eaten, miraculin activates the sweet receptors on the taste buds and turns all sour or tart fruits, foods, or drinks to sweet-tasting without any added sugar or sweetener at all. It simply tricks the mind to perceive sour or tart as sweet.

Since the berry is highly perishable, it has been converted into a powdered form and compressed into tablets without any additives or preservatives. The tablets, therefore, have the exact natural composition as the fruit itself.

To enjoy the unique taste modifying effect, simply dissolve one tablet on the tongue before enjoying your sour or tart fruit, food, or drink. MiraBurst tablets help to manage sugar addiction (cravings), reduce consumption of processed foods and sugar, help manage blood sugar levels and help to reverse the diagnosis of borderline diabetes or even type 2 diabetes!

MiraBurst has accomplished what no other product on the market has: MiraBurst has made healthy eating fun. Sugar and sweeteners can’t turn healthy sour or tart fruits, foods, and drinks deliciously sweet as MiraBurst does! MiraBurst is the only product on the market that works to naturally sweeten all sour or tart foods and drinks. In other words, it eliminates the sour or tart taste of foods and beverages, transforming them into naturally sweeter and delicious ones for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis.

Founding Story

MiraBurst was founded in 2014 by Dr. Emmanuel Asare, MD with a mission to use the miracle berry to help people enjoy healthy eating by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their daily eating habits.

In 2013, Dr. Asare was diagnosed with borderline diabetes and was forced to change his diet by adding more fruits and vegetables and reducing his consumption of processed foods and sugar.

Initially, this proved extremely difficult because he was addicted to sugar-filled foods and drinks. As he attempted to find ways to eat healthier and cut down on sugar, he saw a television program on a fruit called the miracle berry, which originates from Ghana.

This piqued Dr. Asare’s interest as he is also from Ghana originally. In Ghana, they used the berry to help sweeten and enjoy several different kinds of healthy tropical fruits and fruit juices.

He decided to devote his time and energy to commercialize this fruit for the benefit of himself, the world, and Ghana.

In 2014, MiraBurst was founded with the mission to educate the general public especially diabetics, borderline diabetics, children, and the health conscious population about how to become healthy eaters by adding more healthy foods and drinks in their diet and reducing their intake of processed foods and sugar without sacrificing their sweet tooth.

“It has changed my eating habits for the better” says Dr. Asare. He now enjoys apple cider vinegar in lemon water after lunch or dinner on a daily basis. Whereas before, he couldn’t stomach the drink even though he knew the health benefits.

Dr. Asare explains, “Apple cider vinegar has been shown in clinical research to help improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin and lemon water helps stabilize blood sugar levels after meals.”

Additionally, he eats unsweetened yogurt parfait or low sugar fruit salad as a snack or dessert which is something he couldn’t enjoy without MiraBurst. He also eats a salad to get his three servings of vegetables everyday and occasionally eats nuts as snacks.”

Over the past six years, his blood sugar levels have improved significantly and have now completely normalized and reversed his type two diabetes with the help of MiraBurst.

“Interestingly, my taste buds have been retrained with the help of MiraBurst that I find sugary foods and drinks too sweet for me,” Dr. Asare adds. He no longer craves ice cream, previously his favorite snack, like he used to do.

"I am now on a mission to show the world how enjoyable healthy eating could be with the help of this unique superfruit nature has given us but hiding in Ghana" says Dr. Asare.




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