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Date Established 03/2019
Founder Partners Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes (CEO), Luca Longobardi, and José Luis Bustamante
Headquarters Miami, FL
Home, Beverage, Food
Press Contact Alisa Langer


Mezcal Campante
Mezcal Campante $64.99


A small-batch, premium mezcal, steeped in heritage and craftsmanship. Made from a unique blend of the finest selected Espadin and Barril agave, grown in the rich and fertile soils of Oaxaca, Mexico. The result: a smooth flavor like no other. They take pride in the slow, meticulous process of making their mezcal smoother than any other. Every moment considered. An artesanal spirit, a spirit made for savoring, for being truly present. Versatile and unique, made to be enjoyed and shared. A luminous, silver elixir with smooth, deep complexities. Light smoky tones met with foral sparkles, sweet aromas and hints of citrus. The perfect balance; leaving an imprint on your soul. Full bodied and totally compelling. Savor the moment. Take in every second. The time is now.

Founding Story

Mezcal Campante came to life in 2019 after copious tastings, and much research, in Oaxaca, Mexico, between partners Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes (CEO), Luca Longobardi, and José Luis Bustamante. They wanted to find a mezcal that could be placed in the center of the table with friends and everyone could enjoy it. As his family has a long history with Mexico and the Oaxaca region, it's important to partner José Luis Bustamante to honor and cherish the culture and tradition of producing mezcal. The culture, tradition, and heritage of mezcal are honored as Campante refined the distillation process for creating the liquid - a smooth mezcal perfect for sipping, savoring, or blending. Mezcal Campante cannot be mass-produced because the magic is in every drop and every moment. If you skip steps or try to hurry the process you lose the magic.







95 Points

Chilled 100 Spirits Awards 2022


Gold Medal

LA Spirits Awards 2022

Award/Spirits Competition

Silver Medal

New York International Spirits Competition 2021

Awards/Spirits Competition


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