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Date Established 06/2013
Founder Melanie Bolin and Lina Dickinson
Headquarters Kansas City, MO
Home, Fashion
Press Contact Blish Mize Connor


Luxy Wrap
Luxy Wrap $199.00


Mer Sea & Co. believes life should be simple, and strives to reflect this attitude where simplicity, tranquility, and utility reign supreme. The travel essential based brand focuses on keeping things easy and effortless, where wraps and sweaters are designed by people like us, for us, as go-to pieces you can wear at home, at work, or traveling the world. 

Mer Sea & Co.'s line of hand-poured candles, lotions, washes, and scrubs are all artisan crafted to capture the carefree nature of the seaside, whether through sun-kissed packaging, marine-sourced ingredients, or fresh and nostalgic scents. To Mer Sea & Co., the sea represents a place to play, unwind, recharge, and chase adventures. For this reason they dedicate themselves to the travelers, the dreamers, and the doers, because to them - ‘the world is your oyster’.

Founding Story

Founders, Lina and Melanie, are connected by their children and by the call of the ocean. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, these two friends were inspired by the sea, even in Kansas. Both were successful professionals in a different life, looking to dip their toes back into creative work. Combining a small investment, and their talents of graphic design, product development, and sales, the two long-time friends soon began dedicating their time to creating a gift company based on inspiration.

They were inspired by travel to escape, travel to renew, and travel to explore. Knowing their love of the beach, they set about to capture the essence of peace, tranquility, and happiness through scent, color, and texture. They wanted to bottle a feeling and transport people with the product. They thought of the travelers, the dreamers, and the doers. Ultimately, the two friends wanted to escape to younger days—when they were carefree at the beach—and bring that feeling back to the children that united them, their friends, and now, the world. Always by the sea.


Lina Dickinson


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Born in San Louis Obispo, CA, and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lina spent her summers on the beach, attending surf camp and eating Juanita’s flautas. As was the thing to do, her main summer objective was the perfect tan. Like other goals she has set for herself, this one, regrettably, was also frequently accomplished.

When it was time for college, Lina found herself captivated by southern accents, tulips, and 200-year-old magnolia trees, and she set her sights on Vanderbilt University. After meeting her husband by winning a Nerf basketball challenge, they married and returned close to his Missouri roots. She finished her MBA, started a blog, and has mastered the art of ordering packaging peanuts in her spare time.

Always embracing the good luck they’ve had with Mer-Sea, Lina lives in Kansas City with her husband, Dan, and their four children.

Melanie Bolin


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A passion for adventure, books, and the ocean pulled Melanie away from her Dallas roots and into a world of West Coast creativity. After studying in Rome and falling in love with the European aesthetic, she hit LA with a force and never looked back. She worked in advertising, product development, and marketing but always had a dream on the endless horizon for something more—a breath of fresh Pacific Ocean salt air, something she could never abandon.

Melanie believes traveling is a mindset - and mental travel is sometimes the only way possible –tapping into those moments when one is most relaxed and happy - regardless of location.

Always up for any travel with friends, Melanie lives in Kansas City with her husband, Pat, and sometimes with their two college-going kids.






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