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Meat Sweats

First Ever BBQ Spritz Hits The Market: DIY Days Are Gone


Date Established 09/2022
Founder Scott Chalkey and Adam Bell
Headquarters Raleigh, NC
Press Contact Julia Berg, Huff & Co.


Veteran founded, Meat Sweats is the brain child of brothers Scott Chalkley and Adam Bell from Raleigh, NC. Created around the idea of friends, family and community they have launched a category disruptor. In a market filled with barbecue rubs, sauces, wood and charcoal options, no pre-mixed, consistent, commercially available BBQ spritz exists.

As a FYI--the spritz (or mop sauce) has been an essential part of the smoking process since barbecue began. A spritz is evenly applied with a spray bottle over the meat (or veggies) throughout the cook helping create a better, more savory bark/outer layer while retaining the internal moisture plus offering a deeper smoke flavor and coloring.

Scott and Adam found dozens of recipes online, but nothing to purchase. Without a prepackaged spritz, barbecue smokers have to shop at different stores for spray bottles and the multitude of ingredients to make one themselves. Often people are forced to re-use household spray bottles that contained, or look similar to those that contain, harmful chemicals or cleaners.

Founding Story

Founded By Two Brothers Over A Backyard BBQ

Having lived in North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, South Florida, and the Caribbean — very diverse regions for barbecue — Adam Bell and Scott Chalkley know, practice and love the barbecue lifestyle. As Meat Sweats grows, we plan to increase our offering with new products and content aimed at helping backyard barbecue enthusiasts like us have the best smokes and the best time possible.


Hog Wash BBQ Spritz
Hog Wash BBQ Spritz $10.99
Bird Bath BBQ Spritz
Bird Bath BBQ Spritz $10.99
Bull Spritz BBQ Spritz
Bull Spritz BBQ Spritz $10.99



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