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Date Established 06/2022
Founder Sonia Gupta, MPH MBA
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Sonia Gupta


Mayama Wellness is the only company in the U.S. to offer evidence-based, certified organic, and eco-friendly luxury pregnancy wellness packages. As a social enterprise, they donate 10 percent of profits to support pregnant people in vulnerable situations, such as those experiencing incarceration, homelessness, or substance use disorders. This means that both gifters and recipients of their packages can feel good about choosing Mayama Wellness!

Mayama Wellness offers three luxury gift packages thoughtfully designed for varying needs and budgets (Essentials, Comfort, and Deluxe), therapeutic packages (nausea relief, skin care, sleep support, musculoskeletal relief, and relaxation therapy), as well as individual products. Products include organic crystallized ginger slices, organic caffeine-free ginger tea, stainless steel tea tongs, eco-friendly compression stockings, luxury organic body oil, natural wood body massagers, organic cotton therapeutic rice packs, organic cotton sleep masks, natural magnesium bath soaks, eco-friendly glass water bottles, and eco-friendly notebooks. High-resolution photos for Mayama Wellness product offerings can be found at

For each and every item, their team thoroughly investigates the cutting edge and foundational scientific literature to inform design, creation, and curation. Doing so allows Mayama Wellness to provide our customers with only the most effective products proven to support them in their pregnancy journey.

Their edible items are all USDA-certified organic and our cotton sateen fabric is GOTS-certified organic, ensuring that they meet the strictest standards for natural, non-toxic processes for growing, processing, and handling of ingredients and material. By utilizing reusable, recycled, recyclable, and/or compostable materials including tin, glass, wood, stainless steel, FSC-certified paper, cellulose film, and water or soy-based inks, Mayama Wellness seeks to lead by example and protect the environment for the next generation.

Founding Story

Sonia Gupta started this company inspired by her own pregnancy experiences, her background in public health and business (BA from Yale, MPH from Johns Hopkins, MBA from MIT), and her decade-plus experience working to improve the health of vulnerable populations. In fact, she feel so passionately about this cause and the social potential of Mayama Wellness that she has delayed her matriculation to Stanford School of Medicine in order to launch and grow the initiative. In the future, she hopes to further support pregnant people through her clinical work as a physician.


Nausea Relief Package
Nausea Relief Package $49.00
Skin Care Package
Skin Care Package $49.00
Sleep Support Package
Sleep Support Package $79.00
Organic crystallized ginger slices
Organic crystallized ginger slices $30.00
Musculoskeletal Relief Package
Musculoskeletal Relief Package $79.00
Relaxation Therapy Package
Relaxation Therapy Package $119.00
Organic caffeine-free ginger tea with tongs
Organic caffeine-free ginger tea with tongs $32.00
Mayama Wellness Pregnancy Gift Essentials Package
Mayama Wellness Pregnancy Gift Essentials Package $99.00
Eco-friendly compression stockings
Eco-friendly compression stockings $34.00
Mayama Wellness Pregnancy Gift Comfort Package
Mayama Wellness Pregnancy Gift Comfort Package $149.00
Luxury organic body oil
Luxury organic body oil $32.00
Natural wood body massager
Natural wood body massager $28.00
Mayama Wellness Pregnancy Gift Deluxe Package
Mayama Wellness Pregnancy Gift Deluxe Package $199.00
Organic cotton therapeutic rice pack
Organic cotton therapeutic rice pack $34.00
Organic cotton sleep mask
Organic cotton sleep mask $32.00
Natural magnesium bath soak
Natural magnesium bath soak $30.00
Eco-friendly glass water bottle
Eco-friendly glass water bottle $34.00
Eco-friendly notebook
Eco-friendly notebook $36.00


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