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Max Green Alchemy, one of the first personal care manufacturers to introduce innovative face oils and to espouse the benefits of 100% botanical oils, has expanded the elemeni brand into a comprehensive “sink to pillow” range of botanical anti-aging skin care with seven new companion products. Specifically formulated to augment the efficacy of classic face oils, these modern additions address the mantra of removing makeup, cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing, brightening and sculpting.

Featured across the elemeni portfolio is clinically proven organic Chilean rosehip seed oil that brings trans retinoic acid (vitamin A) - a kinder and gentler natural retinol - in combination with modern ingredients such as: orange (citrus) fruit stem cells, quinoa, and sacha inchi peptides (that are clinically shown to improve fine lines and wrinkles, facial sagginess, dark circles, crow’s feet and skin imperfections).

Dave Karlak, President of Max Green Alchemy says, “We’ve been concerned with chemicals used in personal care products and the possibility of unintended consequences. Anti-aging is one area where caution and transparency seem to be thrown out because of desperation. We’ve created innovative, excessively natural and attractively priced anti-aging solutions that customers love to use and that really work by focusing on botanicals, developing unique manufacturing techniques and thoughtful formulations.”

The collection is comprised of Luxurious Foaming Face Wash​ ($14), Cleansing Milk​ ($16), Face Friendly Exfoliator​ with AHA ($16), Hydrating Rose Facial Mist​ ($18), Radiance Face Cream ($35), Radiance Face Oils​ ($30), Ageless Eye Serum​ ($36), Face & Neck Lifting Serum ($40).

To shop the full collection visit, maxgreenalchemy.com. Max Green Alchemy products are also found on Amazon.

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