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Date Established 01/2004
Founder David Karlak, Wil Baker
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Press Contact Wil Baker


Scalp Rescue Conditioner
Scalp Rescue Conditioner $16.49
Scalp Rescue Shampoo
Scalp Rescue Shampoo $16.49
Scalp Rescue Smoothing Balm
Scalp Rescue Smoothing Balm $17.99
Scalp Rescue Styling Gel
Scalp Rescue Styling Gel $13.49
elemeni Hydrating Rose Facial Mist
elemeni Hydrating Rose Facial Mist $17.99
Scruff Rescue SuperSlick Shave Gel
Scruff Rescue SuperSlick Shave Gel $11.99
elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum
elemeni Face & Neck Lifting Serum $39.99
elemeni Holiday Bundle
elemeni Holiday Bundle $125.00
Scruff Rescue Holiday Bundle
Scruff Rescue Holiday Bundle $46.00
Naked Rescue Cream
Naked Rescue Cream $10.49
elemeni Radiance Face Cream
elemeni Radiance Face Cream $34.99
Scruff Rescue Beard Tamer
Scruff Rescue Beard Tamer $15.99


Created in 2004, Max Green Alchemy® is a Pure Plant Origin™ personal care brand based in San Francisco, California. It's mission is to create environmentally clean and affordable products using high-quality, effective and safe ingredients.

All 35+ products are made in-house, which is rare for a brand, and it means it has total control over the quality of production, ethical sourcing and more importantly the quality of ingredients.

The company has always maintained a list of ingredients used widely in the industry that it has banned from its own formulations because it considers then to have potential health or safety issues (examples include parabens (preservative) and sulfates (surfactants). Max Green Alchemy calls this list its 'cosmetic counter intelligence', and this is why its in-house production is critical because it ensures, without doubt, that these ingredients never, ever, make it into their products.

Their packaging is made of only the highest recyclable content, with concern to the environmental costs of shipping and the safety of the end-user. The brand is proud to be Leaping Bunny approved and Certified Vegan.

Founding Story

Founders David and Wil's eureka moment came in 2004. The 'green' European personal care market, where they worked, was growing at an unprecedented rate due to consumer demand for ethical and clean personal care products. The American market had barely registered this important trend and the companies within it were often misleading and greenwashing to be more attractive to consumers. Some companies weren't even natural at all - their ingredients told a different story. Even worse, consumers were led to believe that there had to be a trade off - choosing an environmentally clean product meant it was not going to be that effective at all.

David and Wil knew that their knowledge and appreciation of natural ingredients, and their established experience with formulating, could produce highly effective, natural and sensual solutions that really worked for the hair, body and skin. This was the spark that became Max Green Alchemy.

Many recently-launched companies claim that they revolutionized the personal care market with their choice of ingredients. Almost two decades ago Max Green Alchemy actually did.

Team Bios

With a background in electrical engineer, David is skilled in deconstructing products into their component parts - learning about each ingredient on a micro level and using the best to build product formulas that are unique and effective.

David supervises the purchases of all ingredients and the entire manufacturing process to ensure the integrity of each and every Max Green Alchemy product. When not working, you will find him mowing his lawn, watering his vegetables, and tending to his citrus trees.

Wil Baker

Co-Founder and Vice President

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Wil Baker is a trained accountant who got started in the clean beauty world after helping a few friends run a natural product shop in London in the 1990s. In 2003, he moved to the US to partner with David on the concept and launch of Max Green Alchemy.

Wil leads the financial and sales for the company, as well as helps David with formulations in the use of herbs and essential oils. When he isn't running numbers and coming up with new innovative products, Wil enjoys traveling and cooking.


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