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The most beautiful and beloved collection of bed and bath linens in the world.


Date Established 03/1929
Founder George Matouk Jr., Mindy Matouk
Headquarters Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
Press Contact Kayli Parsons


For nearly 100 years, Matouk has handcrafted luxury linens from the world's finest materials. Their purpose is to enrich the lives of customers and their families by creating the most beautiful and beloved collection of bed and bath linens. In Fall River, Massachusetts, their world-class facility features a solar energy system and combines time-tested handcrafting and state of the art technology to create products of premium quality. Their talented artisans still work by hand to produce many of the finishing details such as meticulous hemming and embroidery that set them apart. 

From Matouk's own signature collection of linens to continuously introducing new styles and special partnerships – with renowned American design house Schumacher & talented artist Lulu de Kwiatkowski – all of their products feature innovative design and are impeccably crafted. Matouk also offers a world of customization – nearly all of the bedding and bath styles can be customized, from the embroidery and appliqué details to the sizing, and monogrammed, to perfectly suit any style. 

Founding Story

In 1929, John Matouk arrived in the United States from Damascus, Syria, seeking to import the most beautiful, highest-quality products from around the world for sale to U.S. consumers. John did not arrive empty handed. He had worked at one of the finest embroidery houses in the world—Olga Asta, located in Venice’s St. Mark’s Square—and he brought with him the extensive business and product knowledge he’d gained there. His wife, Maude Matouk, was a pioneering merchant for her time, having started her own business selling linens by appointment while in her 20s, and later opening her own store, Maude A. Borab, in Spring Lake, NJ. Her knack for cultivating relationships and managing people, along with her vast knowledge of the industry as a whole, made her a great asset and true partner to John. Their combined expertise helped John launch Matouk as an American business focused on quality and craftsmanship.

Almost 100 years later and now in its third generation of family ownership, Matouk stands proudly as a global leader in luxury bed and bath linens.


Mini Pillows
Mini Pillows $124.00
Cairo Bath Robe
Cairo Bath Robe $275.00
Pezzo Throw
Pezzo Throw $79.00
Petra Coverlet
Petra Coverlet $374.00
NEW India Pique Coverlet
NEW India Pique Coverlet $349.00
Roman Hemstitch Standard Sham
Roman Hemstitch Standard Sham $153.00
Matouk Schumacher - Zebra Palm Beach Towels
Matouk Schumacher - Zebra Palm Beach Towels $95.00
Wave Cocktail Napkins
Wave Cocktail Napkins $85.00
Milagro Robe
Milagro Robe $165.00
India Standard Sham
India Standard Sham $158.00
Matouk Schumacher - Apollo Stripe
Matouk Schumacher - Apollo Stripe $135.00
Matouk Schumacher - Tissue Box Covers
Matouk Schumacher - Tissue Box Covers $59.00
Auberge Bath Towels
Auberge Bath Towels $54.00
Scallop Edge Napkins
Scallop Edge Napkins $135.00
Valletto Comforter
Valletto Comforter $999.00
Matouk Schumacher - Leaping Leopard
Matouk Schumacher - Leaping Leopard $99.00
Matouk Schumacher - Santiago Beach Towels
Matouk Schumacher - Santiago Beach Towels $124.00
Matteo Robe
Matteo Robe $198.00
Montreux Standard Pillow
Montreux Standard Pillow $212.00
Milagro Bath Towel
Milagro Bath Towel $54.00
Matouk Schumacher - Pomegranate Linen Duvet Cover
Matouk Schumacher - Pomegranate Linen Duvet Cover $799.00

Team Bios

George Matouk, Jr. is the third generation CEO of family owned Matouk, based in Fall River, Massachusetts and New York City. A graduate of Vanderbilt University and Columbia University Business School, George assumed the role of CEO of Matouk in 2002 and has led the company as it established itself as a globally renowned luxury brand and a model for the resurgence of domestic manufacturing in the United States. 

Mindy Matouk, a graduate of Emory University and Rhode Island School of Design Masters Program, was previously the owner of the nationally recognized home furnishings retailer “Butterfield” in Providence, RI. Mindy led Matouk's first rebranding effort in 2002, highlighting the company's unique position as a legacy American luxury brand with a contemporary sensibility. In 2018, Mindy, a force for years in not only the company's branding, but the products and voice, formally joined Matouk as full-time Creative Director and today oversees the company's product and creative endeavors.


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