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Maniscripting Journal

The Journal That Will Change Your Life


Date Established 01/2019
Founder Samantha Kozuch
Headquarters California
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Chelsea Kershaw


The Maniscripting Journal is going to help guide you to manifest your wildest goals & dreams! It will help you raise your vibration, your abundance, and frequency so you can attract and pull in everything that you desire into your reality—be careful this is a powerful practice... because it goes without saying: be careful what you wish for, because you will attract it.

This Maniscripting Method will going to help you become a magnet for abundance. Many walk around repelling their desires because they are stuck and carry a negative energy and, because like attracts like, when you're stuck in a negative or doubtful energy this is what you will attract more of.

Going through this process for this first time creates an awakening, but creating a daily ritual out of it unlocks the immense power of the Maniscripting Method. Over time, you will experience this first hand, and learning the power of journaling out your thoughts, desires, goals, and wishes will truly change your life.

Whether you're searching for happiness, love, success, or all three, this workbook + undated 90-day journal will inspire you to be intentional and take action on manifesting greatness in your life.

Founding Story

Our mission is to help women change their lives by getting clear on what they truly desire, letting go of what no longer serves them, and helping creating a plan to help achieve that. We heavily focus on our community by providing mental and emotional support to our customers and community members with access to a free virtual community where they can access free masterclasses, meet other women on the same journey as them, and a safe place to ask for help and support.


Maniscripting Gift Box Set
Maniscripting Gift Box Set $120.00

Team Bios

Samantha Kozuch

Founder and CEO

see bio

Samantha Kozuch has experienced over a decade of transformations and changes in her life during her

entrepreneurial career which started right after she graduated college. She called herself a “successful

hot mess” in her 20’s and even though she had created a career for herself that generated over six

figures yearly, at 26 years old, she was arrested after coming home from a nightclub, and that’s when

everything changed for her - this was her wakeup call.


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