Magnetic Me Sponsors Premiere of Documentary Dani's Twins at Mountainfilm Festival A new short film documenting the rare and risky twin pregnancy of a quadriplegic woman
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The award-winning team behind DANI’S TWINS, a new short film documenting the rare and risky twin pregnancy of a quadriplegic woman, announced today the film’s world premiere at Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride, CO, on May 26, 2022. The film was made possible in part through generous contributions from Magnetic Me, a clothing line for babies and moms, and Friendsheep, a fair trade producer of eco-friendly wool dryer balls.

DANI’S TWINS captures Dani Izzie’s pregnancy and early parenting journey, one of the few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins. The story is an entertaining, high-stakes drama, told from Dani’s perspective as she battles the odds to deliver healthy babies and become a mother. “Mountainfilm is a filmmakers’ festival, a place that reveres the art of documentary,” says Director Brad Allgood. “Like Mountainfilm, DANI’S TWINS celebrates the indomitable human spirit while educating and inspiring audiences to do better–for us, that means compelling audiences to challenge ingrained biases and rethink disability.” Despite the physical limitations of her spinal cord injury, Dani filmed a good portion of her own story when Covid restricted the film team’s travel and threatened the film’s viability.

“People are going to want to see how Dani filmed her own story under difficult circumstances,” adds Director Steve Dorst. “You don’t have to be a mom or have a disability to connect with Dani and share her passion for equity and inclusion.”

“Dani’s journey to motherhood shines a bright light on normalizing disability,” says Lauren Levy, Co-Founder of Magnetic Me. “Watching Dani navigate the emotional and physical toll of pregnancy with humor and grace is inspiring and will forever change your perspective. When we first heard about the film, we knew we had to lend our support to make sure others can hear

Dani’s story.” "Dani’s story is powerful and incredibly timely,” says Valeria Isaacs, Founder of Friendsheep. “We are finally witnessing a shift in the way people with disabilities are being represented in the media, consumer markets and leadership roles. Being a disabled mother who works with disabled women artisans, it was important for me to support this film and its mission to normalize mothers with disabilities." Mountainfilm’s in-person festival runs from May 26-30, 2022, and will be followed by a virtual festival, May 31-June 7, 2022. Tickets can be purchased at

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