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The first premier dog care brand to offer human-grade, raw-food that addresses the nutritional gaps of dogs


Date Established 04/2020
Founder Katie Spies
Headquarters Austin, TX
Health & Wellness, Pets
Press Contact Abbey Reider


Hair & Skin, Human-Grade Raw Food
Hair & Skin, Human-Grade Raw Food $59.00
Hip & Joint,  Human-Grade Raw Food
Hip & Joint, Human-Grade Raw Food $59.00
Vitamin Bars
Vitamin Bars $34.00
Bone Broth Topper
Bone Broth Topper $26.00


Everything on which Maev delivers is designed to make the experience of caring for dogs more of a lifestyle-care choice, than a pet-care choice. Why? Because to modern-day dog owners, their pets are an integral and invaluable part of their lifestyles; oftentimes treated like family, their pets have become an extension and expression of themselves – and the choices they make reflect that.

Maev is the premier dog care company, exclusively sold via its own eCommerce, offering product lines of raw food, bone broth and supplemental vitamin bars. All of Maev’s products are made for dogs and have a simple list of human-grade ingredients. Vet-certified, AAFCO Approved and made with USDA Certified ingredients, Maev provides balanced nutrition for dogs to live their healthiest, most-well-rounded lives, alongside their owners.

With the amount of commercially-viable raw-food companies paling in comparison to that of dry or fresh, Maev recognizes the opportunity to inform and educate dog owners on the invaluable benefits a raw-food diet can have on pet health. To make the transition from traditional, non-raw food easier on dogs and their owners, Maev offers perfectly-portioned, beautifully-designed pints that fit in urban freezers, and focuses on filling the foundational nutrition gaps that exist within a dog’s diet by also supplementing with real-food vitamins.

Founding Story

The founding team is led by Founder and CEO Katie Spies, who was all-too familiar with the unique challenges that come with having a dog, living a busy, on-the-go lifestyle in New York that didn’t allow for as much time and attention to her dog’s nutrition, exercise and overall wellness as she would have liked to give. Knowing that dogs, like humans, are becoming increasingly more complex in their dietary needs, which affect their quality of life, Katie and her team set out to overhaul the nutrition offerings available to dogs and significantly impact their overall wellness in the easiest, yet most-effective way possible: Through the food they eat every day.

After years of R&D and working alongside veterinary nutritionists, the team launched Maev in 2020 as a dog care brand, at its core, that offers the highest-quality and most-nutrient-dense food and supplements for dogs everywhere.

Team Bios

Katie Spies

Founder / CEO

see bio

Katie is the founder and CEO of Maev. She holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and three engineering degrees from MIT. In 2017, she became a full time dog walker and discovered an unmet need in the pet care aisle. She spent the next 3 years researching, selling, and making raw dog food, known now to its customers as Maev, the future of pet care.




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