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Date Established
Founder Maya Hardigan
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY
Tech, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Rachel Nance Wade


Mae Digital Platform
Mae Digital Platform


Mae is a culturally competent digital health platform connecting Black expectant mothers with critical resources to drive positive pregnancy outcomes. Our mission is to improve the care Black pregnant women receive and reduce risk from systemic issues plaguing the healthcare system.

The Mae platform is a destination by Black women for Black women to help expectant mothers by providing pregnancy tracking, culturally relevant lifestyle content, and educational resources. Through Mae's carefully curated culturally competent network of experts, we endeavor to improve the pregnancy journey for women of color.

Mae works in concert with healthcare payers and states, to address the significant disparities in maternal health outcomes for Black expectant mothers across the country.

Founding Story

There’s a lot in a name.

Dr. May Edward Chinn was the first African-American woman to graduate from what is now NYU School of Medicine, in 1926. Restricted from practicing at local hospitals, she opened a private practice and focused her career on serving the underserved: Black patients in Harlem who could not receive care elsewhere.

The name, Mae, is a nod of gratitude to Dr. Chinn, and the many phenomenal health workers who have followed her in committing themselves to improving health access and equity.

Mae was founded on a belief that all women deserve an equal possibility of a safe pregnancy and giving their babies a healthy start. A belief that with access to the right knowledge and support – a trusted space – we can approach this life stage from a place of empowerment.

This challenge, for Black women, is unique. It’s not just about the best technology. It also requires advocacy and support from maternal health care experts who deeply understand us, in all our uniqueness. And so, we also created Mae with the goal of driving business sustainability for the committed health experts who are partnering with women everyday to do the work: supporting health equity and ensuring that Black health not only matters, but is prioritized.


Maya is a healthcare technologist who has been in the industry for 15 years, building solutions to improve health outcomes. She is also a Black mom to three little girls. In this extraordinary moment in time, like so many of us, Maya has felt a calling to apply her energy and her heart to something that has the potential to drive real change. She believes pregnancy should be a safe and extraordinary journey for everyone. Through Mae, Maya uses her passion to help other women of color enhance their pregnancy experiences.


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