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Date Established 04/2018
Founder Cynthia Kim
Headquarters Arlington, VA
Press Contact Cynthia Kim


The vision behind Love Classic began when founder, Cynthia Kim, wanted to create a complete lifestyle look that showcases how socks can be incorporated into the different aspects of our lives. Founded in 2018, Love Classic aims to create unique sock designs that blend fashion, functionality, technology and add that fun, bold element to any outfit.

Love Classic understands that socks are easily overlooked, and since feet are an essential part of our happiness and mood, creating a sock that embodies a comfortable fit was an important part of their journey. In efforts to give back, Love Classic donates 10% of their sock profits to local shelters, like Doorways, a non-profit charity that helps women and families by empowering lives for them after going through domestic abuse, domestic violence, and/or sexual assault.

Founding Story

Founder and President of Love Classic, Cynthia Kim, launched the company in Northern Virginia as a bootstrap company in 2018. For Kim, her interest in design and fashion took hold, and she put her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design to work.

Kim launched her business in a niche market, selling thigh-high socks with the idea of bringing fun-loving socks that add personality and character to current style trends. She focused on highlighting the beauty and uniqueness that the smallest part of a look can offer, ensuring that every pair of socks were loaded with technology, color, and high-quality fibers to ensure comfort and longevity.

As Love Classic continued to grow, Kim expanded the product line to include a wide range of sock styles to fulfill every last need. Today, the company is continuing that expansion, and has plans to include apparel and clothing to its product line.