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Find out if your intimate photos or videos have been published in less than 3 minutes.


Date Established 06/2022
Founder Rebekah Arrigoni, Hirak Chhatbar, Luke Arrigoni
Headquarters Seattle
Nonprofit & Social Impact
Legal Services
Dating & Romance
Security & Defense
Press Contact Luke Arrigoni


Loti is a facial recognition technology that allows people to upload a photo of themselves and quickly identify whether any of their intimate images or videos have been published on the internet.

Across the globe it is estimated that up to 33% of people are subjected to non-consensual intimate images (“NCII”), commonly referred to as revenge porn.

A common misconception is that most cases of non-consensual sharing are committed by former sexual partners seeking revenge.

In reality, most cases are committed by people you do not know directly.

Domestic abusers, stalkers, and hackers use these methods to attempt to control or extort individuals.

Loti was built to help you reclaim your life.

Founding Story

Loti was created to help the millions of people that are victims of non-consensual intimate abuse.

It was developed by one of the top AI teams in the world to help bring a high-tech, private solution to this problem.


Creator Plan

$100.00 / month

Weekly image and video alerts and unlimited access to your image and video results.

Four alerts per month

Two-persons per account

Unlimited DMCA takedowns

View all image and video results at any time

Personal Image Consulting
Danger Assesment
Tech > Lifestyle


$8.00 / month

If we find any images or videos of you on the internet, we will notify you.

One alert per month

One-person per account

🚫 No Takedowns

🚫 No Access to Search Results

Personal Image Consulting
Danger Assesment
Tech > Lifestyle


$25.00 / month

Unlimited access to image and video results, with two alerts per month for new media potentially found.

Two alerts per month

One-person per account

Two free takedowns

View all image and video results at any time

Personal Image Consulting
Danger Assesment
Tech > Lifestyle

Team Bios

For the last decade, Rebekah has demonstrated a history of success in ecommerce, digital marketing and operations. She started as a principal consultant assisting small businesses reach their customers.

Later she joined Arricor as COO and helped launch large-scale AI projects for some of the top brands in the world, like Getty, UPS, AT&T and others.

Rebekah grew up in Minneapolis but has spent the last few years in Seattle.

Hirak began working as a freelancer Android Developer while doing his MBBS. Working with different start-ups at the early stage of his freelancing career gave Hirak a sense of purpose.

Decoding ECGs and Coding Applications became his favourite routine. In a bid to discover all that his brain has to offer, Hirak turned into an entrepreneur.

Luke has built and contributed to ML/AI programs at Getty Images, UpToDate (WoltersKluwer), Janssen (J&J), UPS, AT&T, Thomson Reuters, Stryker, Goldman Sachs, FOX Networks, Sephora, Little Caesars and others.

He's spent 15 years designing custom machine learning models and data pipelines at a petabyte scale while developing market-wide strategic directions for his clients.


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