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Date Established 05/1962
Founder O.K. Grettenberger
Headquarters Lansing, MI
Health & Wellness, Beverage, Food, Sustainability
Press Contact Mandy Robbins


Almond Bakery Emulsion
Almond Bakery Emulsion $14.00
Organic Blueberry Bakery Emulsion 4 oz.
Organic Blueberry Bakery Emulsion 4 oz. $14.00
Organic Lemon Bakery Emulsion 4 oz.
Organic Lemon Bakery Emulsion 4 oz. $14.00
Organic Orange Bakery Emulsion 4 oz.
Organic Orange Bakery Emulsion 4 oz. $14.00
Organic Raspberry Bakery Emulsion 4 oz.
Organic Raspberry Bakery Emulsion 4 oz. $14.00
Sour Gummy Worm Kit
Sour Gummy Worm Kit $35.00
Gummy Bear Kit
Gummy Bear Kit $35.00
Gummy Starter Pack
Gummy Starter Pack $49.50
Hard Candy Lollipop Kit
Hard Candy Lollipop Kit $39.95
Lavender Oil, Organic 1 oz.
Lavender Oil, Organic 1 oz. $18.50
Sugar-Free Hard Candy Lollipop Kit
Sugar-Free Hard Candy Lollipop Kit $47.95
Holiday Emulsion Variety Pack
Holiday Emulsion Variety Pack $35.10
Baker's Dream Emulsion Variety Pack
Baker's Dream Emulsion Variety Pack $35.10
Baker's Choice Emulsion Variety Pack
Baker's Choice Emulsion Variety Pack $35.10
Baker's Fruity Emulsion Variety Pack
Baker's Fruity Emulsion Variety Pack $35.10
Baker's Secret Emulsion Variety Pack
Baker's Secret Emulsion Variety Pack $35.10


Family-owned and operated since 1962, Lorann Oils has a history of supplying home crafters, professionals, retailers, and manufacturers with top-quality flavorings, essential oils, and specialty ingredients for baking, candy making, aromatherapy, and more.

What are Bakery Emulsions? Bakery Emulsions are LorAnn's version of an extract.  These flavorings are formulated to be the same strength as an "extract" (1 teaspoon emulsion = 1 teaspoon extract), but instead of the flavor being diluted in alcohol, it is suspended in a water-base.  Many bakers prefer this to alcohol-based extracts because the flavor is not compromised by the taste of the alcohol.

Why is a water-based suspension better?  Water is a more neutral carrier than alcohol - it imparts no added flavor and does not evaporate as rapidly when exposed to heat. This allows the flavor to taste better, smell better and not "bake-out" as readily as a traditional alcohol-based extract.Emulsions are ideal for baking and to flavor frosting, but are not appropriate for flavoring chocolate or hard candy due to their high water content; however, emulsions can be used to flavor candy centers.

Founding Story

Pharmacist O.K. Grettenberger, founded LorAnn Oils in 1962 and named the company in honor of his wife, Laura, and their only daughter, Ann.

Originally, LorAnn Oils bottled and distributed about 8 to 10 core essential oils such as peppermint and clove and distribution was limited to pharmacies. Over the years, the business has expanded its product offerings and we now sell to a wide variety of retailers, manufacturers, health practitioners and home consumers. Today, the company services over 30,000 customers in 51 countries.

Typical businesses that use LorAnn’s flavoring products as an ingredient are artisan candy makers, small bakeries, popcorn shops, ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, and cotton candy purveyors. LorAnn’s flavorings are certified Kosher by Star-K and LorAnn is certified as a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Manufacturer. SQF certification assures that products and processes adhere to regulatory, international, and scientifically proven standards for safety. Select flavorings, vanillas, and essential oils are certified USDA organic. Visit LorAnn’s website at

Team Bios

Mandy is an experienced food marketing and communications professional with a passion for sharing the voices of content creators and brands across their digital platforms. Mandy joined LorAnn in August 2020 as a Marketing Communications Manager, where she develops B2C + B2B marketing campaigns and manages influencer and brand partnerships in the confectionery, baking, and food flavoring industry. Mandy is a huge LorAnn fan herself and enjoys using their flavorings, essential oils, and specialty ingredients in her baking, candy making and aromatherapy.




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Always provide a great product, orders always filled and shipped quickly. Plus over the many years I have purchased from LorAnn Oils I recently received an incorrect order and without hesitation they corrected it at no cost to me. Great company.

Denise McCall


I own a retail bakery and only use LorAnn extracts, emulsions and oils in our products. They are absolutely the best I've ever used. As a professional Pastry Chef I am always looking for ways to upgrade my products and I am extremely pleased with every product I've ever purchased for my bakery kitchen. Shipping and online ordering is a breeze and always comes packaged very well. Highly recommend this company!

Debra Walker

Pastry Chef

Great pricing, fast delivery. LorAnn Oils and emulsions are top of the line in my opinion. Just starting my baking business, this is all that I am using for my cakes, etc. Love it.

Saundra Scott


This company is fabulous. There products are second to none. We make homemade candies for our clients every year for Christmas, and for years we have made homemade lollipops for our children's classes. Their flavors are excellent. I have never had a bad flavor. Perfect for candy and treat making!!

Michelle Brown

Professional Confectionery Artist

Delicious flavorings for “rock” (hard) candy! I’ve been making rock candy since the early 70’s and have made the same stove top recipe all those years. Your oils are perfect for flavoring and taste magnificent but what I love most is your microwave recipe!!!!! So easy to make that I made way too much candy…. I have enough for the whole year!! Thank you for fun and flavor!

Jeanne Dorn


LorAnn Oils provide the largest variety of amazing extracts and emulsions a baker could ever need. They've been my go to vendors for the past four years. I LOVE THE MADAGASCAR VANILLA it's the only brand I use and their emulsions are to die for. For a small home based business like mine their products take my baked goods and custom cakes to a another level and the prices are great. I [recommend] them a billion times over any other brand out there. If you haven't tried them, don't hesitate and make them your next choice and I promise you won't be disappointed!! #catinathecakelady

Catina's Cake Creations #THECAKELADY

Cake Decorator, The Cake Lady

LorAnn Oils is the only oils that I use for baking. They have a variety of flavors that make your pastries and foods taste so much better. A very small amount goes a long way. They have so many to choose from such as emulsions, oils, etc. You will not be disappointed. Order quickly.

Lakesha Jones



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