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Date Established 01/2020
Founder Lara Colucci
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Estella Richardson


100% medical grade silicone, beautiful, glamorous and elegant nipple covers.

Founding Story

Lara Colucci and I’m the Founder of Lollipetals. In honor of Small Businesses, I wanted to share with you a bit more behind the story of Lollipetals and how we came to be.

I designed Lollipetals for one main reason. I loved not wearing a bra, but I wanted a better solution than what existed.

In 2016 I broke my wrist snow boarding, and I spent a few months in a cast, unable to wear a bra (or anything with straps or sleeves for that matter.) I started wearing pasties as a way to have some coverage and still feel comfortable getting dressed. I realized I loved not wearing a bra, but I still didn’t love the way other products made me feel. Have you ever worn disposable pasties on a date, and then rushed to the bathroom to take them off before your boyfriend could see them? That was me.

The problem with other nipple covers is they either worked terribly (puffy nipples, chicken cutlet boobs, bandaid tape that left a rash) or they LOOKED terrible. I was used to feeling confident and celebrating my body, and the products that existed at the time made me feel something else - like I was hiding my nipples in a way that was kind of shaming. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been there, but putting tape over your nipples doesn’t look great, and on a deeper level, it doesn’t feel great.

That’s where the idea for Lollipetals came from. I wanted a solution that gave me comfortable coverage, but also felt like a celebration of my body. Pasties that functioned really well while still making me feel good in my skin (and that I didn’t hurry to take off the second I got home.)

My favorite thing about sharing Lollipetals with women is hearing their reactions after wearing them for the first time. Lollipetals are fun, they can be sassy too, but ultimately, they make you feel beautiful, powerful and bold. And that’s what I truly wanted to achieve. Lollipetals... we’re a new way to lingerie


Red Poppy Nipple Covers
Red Poppy Nipple Covers $32.00
Pink Rose Nipple Covers
Pink Rose Nipple Covers $32.00
Dark Nude Nipple Covers
Dark Nude Nipple Covers $32.00
Purple Pansy Nipple Covers
Purple Pansy Nipple Covers $32.00
Light, Medium, & Tan Nude Nipple Covers
Light, Medium, & Tan Nude Nipple Covers $32.00

Team Bios

Like most great inventions, Lollipetals was born from necessity. When founder, Lara Colucci, broke her arm snowboarding, she quickly realized that putting on a bra with a cast was completely out of the question.

She needed something easy and discreet that she could wear as a bra-free option while she was still healing. But Lara found none of these things. Breast band-aids, painful stickers and chicken-cutlet inspired nipple covers dominated her search. Even the pasties that seemed to work had another major flaw– they looked really weird! But what about something stylish and functional?

Lara was looking for a happy medium— a silicone pastie that was easy to apply and seamless under clothing, but also didn’t look like an awkward bandaid. To find it, she’d have to design it herself. So she designed Lollipetals.

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