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Local Roots

Hard kombucha with a unique blend of simple and clean ingredients


Date Established 12/2017
Founder Joe Carmichael & Ryan White
Headquarters San Diego, CA
Press Contact Morgan Bock


Blood Orange Mimosa - 12 Pack
Blood Orange Mimosa - 12 Pack $33.00
Cali Mule - 12 Pack
Cali Mule - 12 Pack $33.00
Island Vibes - 12 Pack
Island Vibes - 12 Pack $33.00
Low Cal Variety Pack
Low Cal Variety Pack $29.99
Purple Haze - 12 Pack
Purple Haze - 12 Pack $33.00
Strawberry Mojito - 12 Pack
Strawberry Mojito - 12 Pack $33.00


Local Roots is a small batch hard kombucha brand featuring a niche blend of teas, probiotics, polyphenols and antioxidants. Containing the lowest sugar content possible, all while using only the finest of organic and cold pressed ingredients, Local Roots aims to not only provide a great tasting drink, but one with tremendous health benefits. Available in five unique and delicious flavors (Island Vibes, Cali Mule, Strawberry Mojito, Booch Mosa and Purple Haze at $33/12-pack), Local Roots is a better tasting alternative for those who are health-conscious and enjoy the occasional imbibe. Local Roots was derived from a passion for bringing people together, while sharing and instilling a sense of community. The word ‘local’ is defined by belonging or relating to a particular area or neighborhood, while ‘roots’ is defined as being established deeply with a purpose. Local Roots is currently available for purchase via next-day delivery within California and Nevada through the Local Roots website.

Founding Story

Local Roots was founded out of a passion for clean eating, cold press juicing and a love of imbibing. In 2017 Local Roots Co-Founder Ryan White, an entrepreneur and occupational therapist, and Local Roots Co-Founder, Joe Carmichael, who previously worked in aerospace as an engineer, noticed after a concert at a major festival, concert goers were mixing their kombucha with beer. Having never seen this before, the cousins were intrigued by this pairing and became obsessed with the process of home brewing kombucha.  Ryan’s wife was cold-pressing organic produce as part of her recovery process from cancer, and her whole family would drink the amazing fresh juice blends to increase nutrient intake. After some experimentation, Joe and Ryan realized that flavoring their kombucha with the cold pressed juices not only improved its taste but added additional nutrients to make the drink healthier. The two realized they could brew a tastier ‘booch, and the idea for Local Roots was born.

It wasn’t long before Ryan’s kitchen turned into a cold pressing hub and their first classic (non-alcoholic) kombucha flavor, Apple Ginger Lime, was created. Within a few months, they rented a commercial kitchen space to brew larger batches and test Local Roots in the market. The brand was introduced to the North County San Diego community with the opening of the official Local Roots Tap Room in Vista, California. At the beginning of 2020, just a year and a half later, they acquired the location of a small San Diego brewery, which has since become the brand’s headquarters. The acquisition has allowed them to brew up to fifty times the initial amount of hard kombucha to keep up with the rapidly expanding consumer demand and new retail authorizations.


Joe Carmichael & Ryan White


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