Local Roots Kombucha Announces Three New Low-Calorie Flavors With A Buzz The 95-calorie, all-organic line launches a trio of flavors with just one gram of sugar.
Brand Logo Local Roots Kombucha dividng line Mar 15, 2021

Vista, CA -- Local Roots Kombucha, a San Diego-based craft kombucha company, is excited to announce the introduction of three new low-calorie flavors, Lavender Lemonade, Peachy Tee Time, and Prickly Pear Punch. The 95-calorie line is another step for the beverage company towards meeting their goal of delivering better-for-you, organic alcohol that gives back to the local community as much as it does your gut. The trio of flavors also contain just one gram of sugar and are now available in select retailers, as well as online.

“When the conversation around creating lower-calorie kombucha started, our main focus was maintaining the bold and authentic taste that our customers have grown to love,” said Local Roots Hard Kombucha Cofounder, Joe Charmichael. “This line does just that – we’re so excited to offer an even wider range of refreshing flavors while keeping transparency and sustainability top of mind.”           

Lavender Lemonade, Peachy Tee Time, and Prickly Pear Punch are joining an extensive line of delicious hard kombucha already brewed by Local Roots. Like all of their flavors, they are brewed with organic ingredients and packed with probiotics, resulting in a clean and gluten-free drink you can feel good about.  

“Our signature flavors have built such a strong following that we knew if we wanted to add any more to the line-up, they’d have to be close to perfect,” said Local Roots Hard Kombucha Cofounder, Ryan White. “I’m really proud of our team for keeping the integrity of that wonderful flavor and making these three new options even better for you. It’s truly a win-win.”      

To try out any of Local Roots’ hard kombuchas, including the new-calorie options, visit the Local Roots online store at their website www.localrootskombucha.com.

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