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Date Established 05/2016
Founder Adriana Vazquez & Sujay Suresh Kumar
Headquarters New York, NY
Health & Wellness, Tech, Parenting
Press Contact Maria Garcia


Lilu Pumping Massage Bra
Lilu Pumping Massage Bra $149.00


Lilu builds tech enabled products for new moms. They created smart garments and products that empower moms during their transition to parenthood. Lilu's technology is designed by women and backed by science, so that postnatal care is comfortable and compatible with all of life’s successes. BECAUSE MOMS DESERVE MORE.

Founding Story

Lilu was founded by two MIT and Penn engineers, Adriana Catalina Vazquez Ortiz and Sujay Suresh, who recognized that new moms have been vastly ignored by technology, especially when it comes to breast pumping. Breastfeeding is like magic, breast pumps aren't. So they set out recreate that magic, for moms who lead busy and full lives, while still wishing to continue to breastfeed their babies and allow moms to reach their breastfeeding goals.


Adriana Catalina Vazquez Ortiz

Founder & CEO

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Adriana graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science. She later pursued a Masters in Integrated Product Design at the University of Pennsylvania where she had the idea for Lilu.

She enjoys running, attempting to snowboard, has been a pescatarian for over a decade, kind of speaks four languages and prefers carrot cake over chocolate cake.

Sujay Suresh Kumar

Founder & CTO

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Sujay received his degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Osmania University in India. He completed a Master in Engineering in EE at UPenn, where he met Adriana.

Prior to Lilu, he co-founded Jyothi to secure better rights and safety for women in India. When not playing with electronics and building new things, he loves to sketch.


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