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Date Established 03/2017
Founder Jacob Pechenik and Zooey Deschanel
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Health & Wellness, Food, Home, Tech, Sustainability
Press Contact Caroline Chau, Jack Taylor PR


The Lettuce Grow Farmstand
The Lettuce Grow Farmstand $399.00
Lettuce Grow Glow Rings
Lettuce Grow Glow Rings $250.00


Lettuce Grow is a mission-driven organization with the goal of empowering consumers to lead the transition to a sustainable food system. Lettuce Grow’s hydroponic gardening system, the Farmstand, helps people grow and harvest 20% of their own fresh produce, eliminating food waste and reducing water and carbon impact by more than 98%.

Designed for home growers regardless of time, space or growing experience, Lettuce Grow provides living starter plants that mature into nutritious food easily in the Farmstand, bringing joy and simplicity to harvesting your own produce.

With its commitment to improving access to fresh, healthy food for everyone, Lettuce Grow established the Lettuce Give program which donates 1 Farmstand to a school or other non-profit organization for every 10 sold.

Founding Story

As parents and global citizens, Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik wanted to provide the best food possible for their kids. They knew that the best food they could provide would need to be fresh, clean, and unprocessed. So they vowed to invent a way for everyone - regardless of space, time, knowledge, income, or experience - to grow their own food quickly and easily. In 2019, the Lettuce Grow Farmstand was born to do just this. This idea of the future of food not only benefits consumer's homes but also our global environment.

Lettuce Grow's mission is to empower consumers to lead the transition to a sustainable food system. Zooey and Jacob are uncompromising in their mission to find solutions to the problems created by industrialized big agriculture. In Lettuce Grow's efforts to democratize the growing of food for all, they are not only providing families access to clean, unprocessed food, they are also decreasing transportation emissions, drastically reducing water usage, and recycling ocean-bound plastics from places that lack recycling initiatives.

Team Bios

Jacob Pechenik is a passionate entrepreneur who’s built a career around questioning and improving industry status quo. Upon graduating from MIT with a BS in Chemical Engineering, Jacob founded and led TechTrader, an early web-based B2B supply chain platform, followed by the development and launch of YellowJacket Software, a peer-to-peer derivatives trading platform supporting a broad spectrum of segments (from weather and energy to agriculture) in 2004. In 2011, he set his sights on the film industry, founding Venture Forth, a film, finance and production company focused on high-quality and impact-driven independent films. His dedication to innovation and socially constructive disruption led to the co-founding in 2017 of The Farm Project, a Public Benefit Corporation on a mission to transform our food system, and Lettuce Grow, an altruistic initiative that aims to reconnect people with their food. Today, Jacob remains committed to delivering healthy, sustainable harvests to every home and enabling Americans to have healthier connections with our planet.

Zooey Deschanel


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Zooey Deschanel is an actress, singer/songwriter, mom, and Co-Founder of Lettuce Grow. Known for roles in films such as Almost Famous, Elf, and 500 Days of Summer, her iconic role as Jess Day in the television comedy series New Girl, as well as her band She & Him, Zooey is also a mom on a mission to serve her children the best food possible. She Co-Founded Lettuce Grow with her co-parent Jacob Pechenik in 2017 and created the Farmstand to make healthy produce accessible to all.

Nick Cutsumpas, aka Farmer Nick, is a “plantrepreneur” who is passionate about all things green. As a full-time plant coach, urban gardener, and landscape designer, Nick’s mission is to leave the earth greener than when he found it - giving people the knowledge and confidence they need to create their own green spaces in the pursuit of environmental action and social justice.

Nick has more than 150 clients in New York + California and has been featured in the NY Times, Vogue, Food Network, Business Insider, and Goop and the Netflix original series "The Big Flower Fight”. He is a Lettuce Grow ambassador, encouraging and supporting people to grow and eat more fresh food at home; a host on Netflix’s Instant Dream Home, and author of Plant Coach: The Beginner’s Guide To Caring for Plants and the Planet.







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