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Date Established 05/2023
Founder Ido & Natalie Lazarovich
Headquarters 1226 NW 23rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33311
Press Contact Megan Harris


Lélior are equal parts perfumists, storytellers, and scientists dedicated to using the proven effects of scents on the human brain to hand-craft pure products that elevate your environment and enhance it with emotions & memories.

Lélior's passion for formulating fragrances is only matched by their commitment to sustainability and minimizing their impact on the environment. They ethically source natural ingredients of the highest quality, never use synthetic substances in their products, and make all packaging out of durable glass that can be reused in other areas of your home or business.

Founding Story

In a family of farmers, there was a young girl named Lélior. Her parents grew flowers on their land and sold them to perfumers and flower shops in the nearby towns. The scents of the flowers enchanted Lélior: she spent long hours in the fields, studying the blooms and putting them together into different arrangements, experimenting with the aromas the flowers produced together.

When Lélior was a young woman, her family was forced to immigrate and leave their land behind. The flower farm turned into a memory that got passed down from generation to generation, a story about a young girl with a rare sensitivity for scent.

Today, the flower farm doesn’t exist anymore. But Ido — Lélior’s great-great-grandson — took the memory of his ancestor and turned it into over 40 fragrances, each of them a tribute to his family history of craftsmanship, imagination, and loss.

He started Lélior with his wife Natalie, who contributed her keen eye for aesthetics, art, and design to craft products that elevate spaces & senses.

Lélior started as a way to give shape to one family story, but their vision is for their scents to help others immerse themselves into their favorite memories.




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