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Date Established 02/2021
Founder Craig Elworthy
Headquarters Boston, MA
Home, Tech
Press Contact Kristen Elworthy


All Natural Lawn Care Subscription
All Natural Lawn Care Subscription $66.00
Pet Spot Repair
Pet Spot Repair $28.00
Yard Patrol
Yard Patrol $35.00


Lawnbright is an eco-friendly, custom lawn care box that combines best in class natural lawn care with AI-driven technology for better lawn care practices. For those working on their green thumbs, Lawnbright’s combination of personalized technology and easy-to-use products makes it simple to get a healthier yard while learning the basics of lawn care in the process.

Founded by a Boston-based lawn geek with a tech background during the pandemic, Lawnbright ships a custom selection of fertilizers, soil conditioners, weed preventers and more to your door after analyzing the results of a soil test in combination with weather and climate data. Lawnbright’s proprietary Lawn Intelligence system monitors real-time weather and a customer's lawn goals to provide text messages about precisely when and how to apply product, water and perform other tasks that maximize the effectiveness of the products and minimize waste.

All Lawnbright products are liquid-based and require only a hose so they can be applied quickly and easily (usually 15-20 minutes), created with natural materials and no harsh chemicals, with ingredients like kelp and molasses. Safe for both kids and pets! Plans can be started at any time in the growing season and automatically pause between season.

Founding Story

Is there anything more American than the backyard? The yard becomes an extension of our home the moment the frosty ground thaws here in Massachusetts. A fire pit, a barefoot game of tag, a PowerWheels race, grilling with friends. The yard is our gathering place, and Lawnbright founders spent years in pursuit of a great lawn.

Over that time, they discovered a few things. Watching kids and pets playing in the grass, they realized that it matters what they put on the lawn and into the soil. And through years of research, trial and error, they noticed that we can spend less time on our maintaining lawns, waste less product, and get better results if we do just the right things at the right time.

One day, after having enough of spending a lot of money on treatments that seemed to do little beyond pump the lawn full of harsh chemicals, they decided they had had enough–and that other people probably had, too. Lawnbright is the result: carefully sourced, all-liquid, all-natural and organic lawn care products that build soil, root, and grass health. Every product is made in the USA, taking just a few minutes to apply, and they’re safer for your family and better for your lawn (and the earth).

But Lawnbright wanted to go beyond products. With 20 years of experience in tech, they knew they could leverage it to make lawn care easier and more efficient. Lawn Intelligence is what really sets Lawnbright apart: they monitor your real-time weather and text you about when and how much to water, when to apply product, and other tips and tricks - all perfectly timed and customized to your lawn.

Join Lawnbright on a mission to spend more time enjoying your yard and less time working on it. Greener grass ahead!


Craig Elworthy


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Craig Elworthy is a Boston-based lawn geek with a tech background. After years of working in product management for SaaS startups and spending his weekends perfecting his lawn, Craig launched Lawnbright. The company combines tech and best-in-class natural lawn products to create an easy-to-use lawn care system that is delivered directly to your door and personalized for your soil and climate.




Lawnbright is a fantastic lawn care solution. Product is delivered to your door based on personalized soil testing, the application process is easy, and the product is safe for your kids, pets, family, and friends. Plus, Lawnbright is the only subscription lawn care service that includes pre-emergent weed control. Lawnbright is worth the investment.



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