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LaVie Mom

Elevating Motherhood: Exceptional Products & Resources for New Moms!


Date Established 04/2017
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Pamela


LaVie Mom is a dedicated e-commerce retailer catering to the specific needs of expecting and new moms. With an extensive range of products and resources, we strive to offer the utmost support during this exciting journey. Our selection boasts baby shower gifts, innovative breastfeeding accessories, and bundled products, all designed with mothers in mind. Moreover, LaVie Mom is a reliable source of helpful information through our comprehensive blog and frequently asked questions. We foster a community of empowerment, enabling mothers to connect and support each other throughout their unique journeys. Explore our story, partner program, and press releases for further insights into the LaVie Mom family.

Founding Story

LaVie Mom was born from a vision to establish a supportive space for moms embarking on the exhilarating, yet challenging journey of motherhood. Our founder, recognizing the need for a platform that celebrates and empowers mothers, dedicated themselves to the creation of a comprehensive resource offering innovative products and essential information. As a result, LaVie Mom blossomed into a thriving community, uniting moms from various backgrounds and experiences. Today, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional mom shower gifts, accessories, and invaluable resources, all while staying true to our inspiring mission - to empower and uplift moms at every stage of their incredible journey.


Warming Lactation Massagers Set
Warming Lactation Massagers Set $79.99
925 Sterling Silver Nursing Cups
925 Sterling Silver Nursing Cups $59.99
Premium Hands-Free Pump Strap
Premium Hands-Free Pump Strap $43.99
Organic Pumping Spray 2 oz.
Organic Pumping Spray 2 oz. $17.99
Periwinkle 3-in-1 Warming Lactation Massager
Periwinkle 3-in-1 Warming Lactation Massager $39.99
The Original Lactation Massager
The Original Lactation Massager $29.99
LaVie V-Spritz Portable Peri Bottle
LaVie V-Spritz Portable Peri Bottle $15.99

Team Bios

Pamela Levine

Director of Marketing

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Samantha Tiegs

Brand Manager

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Gabriella Wesley

Strategic Partnerships Manager

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Christa Innis

Social Media Manager

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Jill Fishburn

Innovation Director

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