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Date Established 02/2021
Founder Nicholas Romano, Jared Lynch
Headquarters Rochester, NY
Beverage, Sustainability, Food, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Nicholas Romano


Lattini Sunflower Milk Variety Pack
Lattini Sunflower Milk Variety Pack $23.99
Lattini Original Sunflower Milk
Lattini Original Sunflower Milk $4.99
Lattini Unsweetened Sunflower Milk
Lattini Unsweetened Sunflower Milk $4.99
Lattini Chocolate Sunflower Milk
Lattini Chocolate Sunflower Milk $4.99


Lattini™ Sunflower Milk is delicious milk for every body. It is creamy, sustainable, natural, and allergen free. Sunflowers are beautiful and radiate the goodness of nature. Lattini Sunflower Milk is rich in vitamin E and other immunity-boosting minerals like selenium. Sunflowers are drought tolerant and use 40% less water than almonds to grow, they are friendly to pollinators like bees, they are regenerative and improve soil health, and the majority of sunflowers are grown utilizing no-till farming reducing the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere.

Founding Story

Lattini's mission to create the most delicious and drinkable plant-based milk started with a question: can plant-based milk be nutritious, sustainable, and delicious? Founders Nicholas and Jared accomplished their goal by harnessing the power of the sunflower to create a sustainable plant-based milk made without compromises. Lattini Sunflower Milk is free of dairy, nuts, and soy. It is non-GMO project verified, gluten-free certified, kosher and utilizes organic sunflower seeds grown in the USA. It is delicious to drink on its own and is ready to be mixed into your favorite beverages or recipes.

Team Bios

Jared Lynch

President & Co-Founder

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Nicholas Romano

CEO & Co-founder

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