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Date Established 12/2017
Founder Tiffany Lerman
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Tiffany Lerman


Laki (lah-kee) means lucky in Hawaiian. Laki Naturals creates wellness essentials for the bath and for the body. Using only clean ingredients made with premium minerals, essential oils and natural fragrances and flavors, Laki Naturals' aims to provide a daily therapeutic wellness ritual that will replenish your mind, body and soul. Laki uses pure Hawaiian Sea Salts harvested on the island of Molokai. All products are vegan, Paraben free, cruelty free and made in the USA.

The current line includes Magnesium Flakes Bath Soaks, Shower Fizzies, Cocktail Bath Soaks, CBD + Magnesium Bath Soaks and Hawaiian Sea Salt gargle powders called Throat Soak.

Founding Story

Laki Naturals was created by founder, Tiffany Lerman. Inspired by her cherished and rejuvenating adventures in Hawaii, Tiffany is proud to bring the spirit of “aloha” to life with Laki Naturals. Tiffany wants her customers to achieve an enjoyable, meaningful, and empowered state of mind by creating wellness products that are an essential part of their everyday health and beauty routines. 

Laki is the Hawaiian word for "lucky" to underscore Tiffany's good fortune in being able to harness the Islands' bounty and rituals, while also honoring her late mother, Jackie Collins. It alludes to the bestselling novelist's well-known, bold female character, Lucky Santangelo. Tiffany describes her as Collin's alter ego who inspires women to be strong and independent. 

With Laki Naturals, bathing can be an essential part of every beauty regime, helping women unwind and detoxify at home to be their best, most powerful self. 


Shower Fizzies
Shower Fizzies $14.00
Laki Naturals Body Scrubs
Laki Naturals Body Scrubs $16.00
ACV Foot Soaks
ACV Foot Soaks $16.00
Poppymint Pals Toddler Bath Soaks
Poppymint Pals Toddler Bath Soaks $14.00
Lavender Calming Bundle
Lavender Calming Bundle $39.99
MOOD BOOST BY Laki Naturals X Kim Shapira Method
MOOD BOOST BY Laki Naturals X Kim Shapira Method $34.99
Functional Herbal Lozenges
Functional Herbal Lozenges $15.99
Poppymint Pals Pumpkin Bath Bombs
Poppymint Pals Pumpkin Bath Bombs $14.00
Poppymint Pals Reindeer Bath Bombs
Poppymint Pals Reindeer Bath Bombs $13.62
Poppymint Pals Polar Bear Bath Bombs
Poppymint Pals Polar Bear Bath Bombs $14.00
Relax Patch
Relax Patch $16.00
Fly Calm Patch
Fly Calm Patch $16.00
Renew Patch
Renew Patch $19.99
Laki Man Passion Patch
Laki Man Passion Patch $19.99
Throat Soak
Throat Soak $19.99
Lip Balm Trio
Lip Balm Trio $16.00
Magnesium Flakes Bath Soaks
Magnesium Flakes Bath Soaks $14.00

Team Bios

Los Angeles-based designer and Laki Naturals founder, Tiffany Lerman lives by the motto "Girls can do anything"! Having a strong entrepreneurial spirit is a common theme for women in her family. She is the daughter of the late bestselling novelist, Jackie Collins. Her mother wrote about courageous heroines who made bold decisions, traits that are inherent in the London-born entrepreneur.  Tiffany graduated from UCLA with a BA in fine art and later studied textile design at FIDM. Her first business was launched out of her parent's garage, creating t-shirts and handbags from vintage fabrics found at flea markets in Los Angeles, Paris, and London. Her very first order was from Fred Segal, and at that moment, Tiffany's entrepreneurial spirit was ignited! 

With two small boys at home, Tiffany realized the need for children's bath products containing clean ingredients. In 2006, out of necessity and creativity, she launched the children's brand Tiny Tillia - a whimsical collection of eco-conscious, paraben-free children's bath and body products. Tiffany experienced a "pinch me" moment when Tiny Tillia was acquired by Avon in 2011. In 2018 Tiffany launched her wellness bath and body brand, Laki Naturals. It debuted to rave reviews at the Los Angeles Indie Beauty Expo. Laki was chosen as one of the Top Ten Trends at the show and nominated for two Best in Show Awards! She creates original products that she hopes will help women achieve an enjoyable, meaningful, and empowered state of mind.


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