Female Founder and Menstruator Releases Campaign to Promote Menstrual Health and Hygiene Lady Box, Inc. launches fundraising campaign to shed shame surrounding periods and women’s health, and support global non-profit WaterAid
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Fifty-eight percent of menstruators feel shame surrounding their periods, according to a 2018 Thinx survey. This disempowerment around a menstruator’s health is why Lady Box has launched a donation campaign to empower and celebrate periods and support the menstrual health and hygiene work that WaterAid does.

The Shed the Shame donation campaign was created to help undo the taboo and empower menstruators surrounding their menstrual health, as well as promote awareness about the work that WaterAid America regarding menstrual hygiene, health and safety in the poorest and most marginalized communities across the globe. From Menstrual Hygiene Day, May 28th through World Toilet Day, November 19th, Lady Box will donate funds to support WaterAid’s lifesaving work in over 30 countries.

The work that WaterAid does and learning about the stories of marginalized menstruators was part of the inspiration of why Lady Box founder, Aljolynn Sperber, started the organic period subscription box company. Lady Box's vision is to create a space to help menstruators feel empowered, loved, and included in the agency of their own bodies, much like how WaterAid works to do the same via accessibility to resources, education, and clean and safe spaces to menstruate.

“Since 2015, I’ve been inspired by the work that WaterAid does for menstruators. When I first learned about menstruators having to isolate themselves in hot huts or drinking roof water where they sometimes place their used pads to get washed by the rainwater, I was broken-hearted to learn that women were getting severely or fatally ill due to lack of access to clean and safe period products,” said Sperber. “And then when I learned that there were menstruators getting attacked by men because they would sometimes have to walk in the dark to find someplace to clean themselves during their period, I got angry. Finally, after learning about young menstruators missing out on an education because they couldn’t go to school due to cultural pressure and/or lack of access to basic period care – I decided I’d create a social enterprise that would help make sure that no young menstruator misses school and the chance of impacting their local economy.”

And while this campaign runs through November 19th of this year, shedding the shame can be promoted all year long, 24-7. Lady Box is dedicated to making this a lifelong movement until periods and women’s shame has been dismantled.

To learn more about the campaign, please email shameless@shedtheshame.co.

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