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Date Established 11/2019
Founder Aljolynn Sperber
Headquarters Poulsbo, WA
Food, Beauty, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Aljolynn Sperber


Basic Needs Lady Box
Basic Needs Lady Box $35.00
Just the Goodies
Just the Goodies $65.00
Lil Lady Box - First Period Kit
Lil Lady Box - First Period Kit $50.00
Pampered AF Lady Box
Pampered AF Lady Box $85.00
Period Self Care Advent Box
Period Self Care Advent Box $49.95


Lady Box was founded in November 2019 with the mission to deliver organic period self-care in a box, because life's cycles shouldn't grind us down but lift us up. As both a replenish and curation subscription box, Lady Box replenishes essential, organic period products such as pads, tampons, and panty liners while curating new wellness and snacks each month. Let's celebrate life's cycles together.

Founding Story

Aljolynn Sperber founded and created Lady Box because as a solo mom who has dealt with heavy flow and painful periods that left her feeling helpless and isolated, she wanted a solution for other menstruators.

90% of menstruators experience different symptoms around their periods. Almost 40% of them report that they have severe pain during their cycle that they miss school or work, and over 10% of them are affected by painful, irregular, and heavy periods in their childbearing years. Sperber developed Lady Box so menstruators do not feel alone during their cycles and not only have the essentials, but also self-care products to help ease the discomfort and isolation that menstruation can cause.

Sperber was formerly the managing director at a high ranking marketing agency before founding Lady Box. Her experience and strengths in marketing and consumer experience and satisfaction are the foundation to help ensure Lady Box delivers premium, organic period care, comfort, convenience, and community.


Aljolynn Sperber

CEO & Founder

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Aljolynn believes women should unapologetically take up space. As an award-winning marketer, her career is akin to a highlight reel. Prior to Lady Box, she worked as the managing director at a Los Angeles marketing agency, where she spearheaded the success of a myriad of projects - including national brand launches and community engagement campaigns. 

Now she serves as the Founder and CEO of Lady Box, an organic period self-care subscription box company, working to deliver aloha, empowerment, and inclusion to all people who have periods. 

On top of this, she's a kickass single mom-there is quite literally nothing she cannot handle.




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