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Date Established 01/2015
Founder Kristina Lacson McConnico
Headquarters Oakland, CA
Press Contact Kristina Lacson McConnico


Marinière Tee
Marinière Tee $115.00
Moriko Pant - Black Stripe
Moriko Pant - Black Stripe $160.00
Josephine Culottes - Dark Denim
Josephine Culottes - Dark Denim $150.00
Heart & Stripes Embroidered Tote
Heart & Stripes Embroidered Tote $44.00
Cora Sweatshirt
Cora Sweatshirt $125.00
Arva Sweatshirt
Arva Sweatshirt $125.00
Vivian Pant
Vivian Pant $145.00
Cora Sweatshirt - Terra Cotta
Cora Sweatshirt - Terra Cotta $125.00
Raya Tee
Raya Tee $95.00
Josephine Culottes - Stripe
Josephine Culottes - Stripe $150.00
Martine Jacket
Martine Jacket $175.00
Ynez Tee
Ynez Tee $95.00
Ynez Tee
Ynez Tee $115.00
Kura Jacket - Black
Kura Jacket - Black $195.00
Ren Dress
Ren Dress $175.00


Lacson Ravello is a small-capsule clothing brand that is thoughtful in every aspect of its business. From local design and production, to responsibly-sourced materials, to timeless fit and styles, they are mindful makers. The collection assures women that there is a brand that fits their bodies and lifestyle. When they can often feel lost in a sea of fast fashion choices, Lacson Ravello’s vision is to make women feel seen, empowered, and confident.

Founding Story

Kristina Lacson McConnico launched Lacson Ravello in 2015 after more than two decades of experience working for iconic brands such as Levi’s, Gymboree, Old Navy and Bebe. She always had it in her mind to start her own company, but it wasn’t until after she received a breast cancer diagnosis that she found the courage to take the big step. Her “you only live once mentality” has given her much joy and inspiration through two cancer relapses and remissions. In her sunny studio behind her home in Oakland, California, Kristina develops her “laid back yet polished" designs while keeping production nearby. She enjoys being a fashion entrepreneur along with all the challenges and rewards that go with running a small business.

Team Bios

The story of LACSON RAVELLO begins with strong family roots in the garment industry. Kristina Lacson McConnico was born to Filipino parents and descended from a long line of dressmakers and fashion designers—grandmothers, aunts, and cousins. Upon establishing her own brand, she incorporated her surname, Lacson, and her grandmother’s maiden name, Ravello. For her, this family name captures the heritage and values that define her clothing line—a tradition of strong craftsmanship and quality materials, combined with a modern and design-driven approach.

Originally from St. Louis, Kristina knew at a young age that she wanted to follow her family’s path in the fashion world. A skilled visual artist during her teenage years, she moved to Los Angeles to attend Otis College of Art & Design. Early exposure to leaders and icons in the fashion industry had a profound influence on her evolution as a designer.

After college, she relocated to San Francisco and worked as a designer for large retailers such as Gap Inc., Bebe, and Target Corporation—in addition to building her expertise as a design consultant for smaller fashion labels and startups. Her two decades of industry experience have led her around the world numerous times, from production facilities in Asia to buying and research trips in Europe and all over the U.S. This global perspective followed Kristina as she created the LACSON RAVELLO brand. Her dedication to being a citizen of the world while keeping a relaxed California sensibility continues to inform her life and her work.

Kristina currently lives in Oakland with her husband John of Bespoke Watch Projects and their cats Coco and Clementine. She is also a breast cancer survivor and thriver.






We like to say 'tout terrain'…it (the Arva sweatshirt) can be worn EVERYWHERE!

Marieke van der Poel of Proef

Creative Foresight Strategist

I love how I can wear it (the Analu dress) in different ways depending on the weather and, more importantly, my mood.

Mary Ann van Westbroek of @styleapproximately


As a mom of three, I'm always searching for pieces that are no fuss, look amazingly put together and stand the test of time.

Valerie P. of @pleaseandmahalo



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