LACE Launches the First 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Jewelry Collection The Carbon Collection - Discover the world’s lightest jewelry
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LACE by Jenny Wu is collaborating with Impossible Objects to unveil Carbon, a new 3D printed carbon fiber jewelry collection. Impossible Objects, a 3D printing and materials company, is pioneering advancements in composite-based additive manufacturing technology (CBAM). Unlike traditional applications of carbon fiber, this innovative process enables the material to be printed into complex, three-dimensional designs. The collection is produced by combining carbon fiber fabrics with PEEK, a high-performance thermoplastic matrix material. The LACE Carbon Collection will be the first jewelry collection that has ever been produced with this new technology. This new composite material is lightweight, strong and biocompatible—perfectly suited for wearable pieces.

“I’ve always wanted to design a collection using alternative high performance materials like carbon fiber,” founder, Jenny Wu, explains. “Previously, carbon fiber was only suitable in applications with simple, flat surfaces. But now we are able to produce unique geometries that have never been produced before.”

The LACE Carbon Collection includes four of the most popular pieces from LACE: the Allegro cuff, Aura earrings, and the Amos and Amor Rings. These designs were chosen to highlight the capability of CBAM technology to produce sharply defined pieces with sinuous curves in intricate detail. For example, the Allegro cuff is produced by layering 396 sheets of carbon fiber fabrics that have been fused to create the bracelet.

Product Highlights

  • Allegro Cuff $160
  • Aura Earrings $110
  • Amor Ring $60
  • Amos Ring $60

“I’m so excited about the possibilities that CBAM offers, it enables me to produce beautifully detailed pieces like my Aura earrings. It’s so lightweight that you won’t even notice you have earrings on!” Jenny continues. “Normally, I would be concerned about its durability, but the infusion of carbon fiber in these pieces have made them exponentially stronger.”

"Impossible Objects is very excited to partner with LACE jewelry. We see this as a beautiful example of our technology’s ability to produce unique, complex, and stunning geometries using just-in-time manufacturing techniques that reduce the risk and costs for LACE.” -Robert Swartz, Chairman and Founder.

The LACE Carbon Collection will be available on November 1.

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