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Date Established 10/2014
Founder Jenny Wu
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Jenny Wu


LACE by Jenny Wu is the leading luxury jewelry line specializing in 3-D printing fine jewelry and engagement rings. The collection reflects Jenny's architectural aesthetic, marrying line-based geometry with intricate organic movement to create avant-garde designs with a high level of digital refinement. The intricately detailed design pieces extend from Jenny’s architectural work, merging her modern design sensibilities with the latest in 3-D printing technology and material.

With its unique designs and production process, LACE has sustainably revamped the traditional business model and is recognized as a trailblazer in the industry. Their iconic Catena necklace was recently acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in their permanent collection.

Founding Story

LACE was founded in 2014 by Jenny Wu, a partner in the award-winning, experimental architecture firm, Oyler Wu Collaborative. As an architect, Jenny traveled extensively to speak about her architectural work. In 2013, Jenny was visiting Miami’s Art Basel and in her suitcase, she brought three beautiful, sculptural necklaces that she 3D printed herself to wear. She received incredible feedback just walking around the streets of Miami. Many strangers came up to her wanting to touch the necklace and even buy the piece off her neck.

When she got back from Miami, Jenny spent one year of R&D exploring how to use 3D printing to make high-end pieces, since 3D printing was typically used for prototypes and not end products. She started direct 3D printing pieces in unusual materials like TPU (thermopolyurethane) and steel composites. As 3D printing continued to evolve, she also produced her fine jewelry collection in precious metals.

In 2018, Jenny launched her first 3 piece engagement ring collection, all with her signature architectural aesthetic. What first started as a designer niche brand, has blossomed into a highly sought-after fine jewelry brand, worn by celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, and Christina Aguilera, just to name a few.


Allegro Carbon Cuff in Champagne
Allegro Carbon Cuff in Champagne $160.00
Aura Earrings
Aura Earrings $295.00
Iris Diamond Ring
Iris Diamond Ring $3500.00
Rhea Diamond Ring
Rhea Diamond Ring $3500.00
Andante Pendant
Andante Pendant $195.00
Ansa Earrings
Ansa Earrings $160.00
Prelude Necklace
Prelude Necklace $450.00
Coda Hoop Earrings
Coda Hoop Earrings $350.00
Lyra Ring
Lyra Ring $1300.00
Link Bracelet
Link Bracelet $190.00
Allegro Cuff Bracelet
Allegro Cuff Bracelet $450.00
Sera Ring
Sera Ring $300.00
Clio Diamond Engagement Ring
Clio Diamond Engagement Ring $5000.00
Amor Ring
Amor Ring $280.00
Amare Ring
Amare Ring $300.00
Machina X Ring
Machina X Ring $110.00
Mobius Ring
Mobius Ring $310.00

Team Bios

Jenny is the founder of LACE by Jenny Wu, the leading 3D printing fine jewelry brand. She is also a partner at the award winning architectural firm, Oyler Wu Collaborative, and the winner of the 2021 Arts and Letters Award in architecture from the Academy of Arts and Letters and the 2013 Design Vanguard Award from Architectural Record. Jenny was named one of the 4 design visionaries by Porsche and Dwell Magazine in their "Powered by Design" documentaries, showcasing her pioneering work in 3D printing.





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