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Date Established 09/2011
Founder Lisa Curtis
Headquarters Oakland, CA
Beverage, Food, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Lisa Curtis


Kuli Kuli SuperGummies
Kuli Kuli SuperGummies $24.99
Kuli Kuli Organic Pure Moringa Powder
Kuli Kuli Organic Pure Moringa Powder $19.99
Kuli Kuli Peppermint SuperBark
Kuli Kuli Peppermint SuperBark $6.99
Kuli Kuli Dark Chocolate SuperBark
Kuli Kuli Dark Chocolate SuperBark $5.99
Kuli Kuli Superfood Energy Bars
Kuli Kuli Superfood Energy Bars $15.99


Kuli Kuli is a women-led brand pioneering sustainable superfoods like moringa in the US. Moringa is a naturally energizing green superfood packed with protein, antioxidants and vitamins. Kuli Kuli offers the highest quality, most nutritious moringa by partnering with local entrepreneurs and sourcing directly from small farmers, prioritizing African and women-led social enterprises. Kuli Kuli’s superfood powders and snacks are sold in 11,000 stores nationwide and online at

Founding Story

As a vegetarian, Kuli Kuli’s founder Lisa Curtis was feeling sluggish from a diet of mostly rice while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger. Women in the local community advised her to eat moringa leaves, showing her how to mix them into a local snack called kuli-kuli. After eating the nutritious kuli-kuli moringa snack, Lisa’s energy returned. The leaves of the moringa tree are packed with protein, vitamins, and antioxidants, providing a powerful boost of nutrition and caffeine-free energy. Lisa recognized the potential for moringa as a powerful tool for nutritional health. While moringa was recognized locally for its medicinal benefits, farmers saw no reason to grow it without market demand. Lisa was inspired to find a market-based solution to realize moringa’s potential as a powerful tool for nutritional health and expand US market access to African women farmers. She returned home to the U.S. and built Kuli Kuli, a social enterprise that brings the nutritious moringa leaves to American consumers while partnering to create jobs and promote local consumption in the communities where moringa is grown. Nourishing you, Nourishing the world™.

Team Bios

Lisa began working on Kuli Kuli while in the Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa. As a volunteer in her village’s health center, she gained an understanding of nutritional challenges faced in West African villages and how moringa can help address those challenges. Prior to Kuli Kuli, Lisa served as the Communications Director at Mosaic, wrote political briefings for President Obama in the White House and worked at an impact investment firm in India. Lisa has been recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 leader, a Udall Scholar and a “dedicated humanitarian” by the Muhammad Ali Center. Lisa’s favorite way to eat moringa is by mixing Kuli Kuli’s Pure Organic Moringa Powder in her morning oatmeal with almond butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and fruit.


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Nosh - Mar 18, 2022 Expo West 2022: Kuli Kuli Founder Discusses The Rise Of Moringa As Company Explores New Formats "In this video, recorded last week at Natural Products Expo West 2022 in Anaheim, California, Kuli Kuli founder and CEO Lisa Curtis discussed how the company has tackled a range of formats while also educating consumers on the benefits of Moringa. She also highlighted the benefit of its close relationship with its primarily women-led, small farm network, especially amid ongoing supply chain disruptions."
The Food Institute - Feb 23, 2022 3 Specialty Food Trends to Watch "MORINGA GOES MAINSTREAM Superfoods can be hard to swallow – literally. Their profiles are hyper-nutritious yet on the palate they can be grassy, or awfully tart. Lisa Curtis, the founder of Kuli Kuli, the first brand to tackle moringa in the U.S., aims to make this green leaf easier to consume on a daily basis with her Moringa Gummies, an offering that packs the green superfood, adaptogens, and nutrient-dense spices in one rather tasty bite."
Whole Foods Market - Oct 01, 2021 The Next Big Things: Our Top 10 Food Trends for 2022 "Moringa’s* Moment Often called the “miracle tree,” moringa is traditionally used as an herbal remedy in India, Africa and beyond. Moringa leaves have plenty of nutrients, and these fast-growing, drought-resistant trees have been used as a source of food to fight malnutrition in certain parts of the world. Gaining steam in the U.S. as matcha’s latest alternative, it can be found in powder form and added to make magic in smoothies, sauces and baked goods. It’s also showing up in unexpected products like frozen desserts, protein bars and packaged grain blends."
Forbes - Feb 10, 2021 How Focusing On Health, Climate Change And Farmers’ Earnings Can Build A Company "When Lisa Curtis, a vegetarian, felt sluggish on her bean, rice, and millet diet while in Niger with the Peace Corps, women in the local health center recommended eating the leaves of moringa trees. She did, and her energy returned."


I’ve been buying this Kuli Kuli moringa powder… Dr. Jed Fahey has researched it, like that specific brand, and so it’s legit. It’s science backed, in terms of containing moringa and activating Nrf2. And I add it to my smoothies. So that’s what I’ve been doing. I do a big, heaping tablespoon.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Host of the FoundMyFitness podcast

Moringa is the only food or dietary supplement that has been shown in well-designed studies to increase milk production. I recommend Kuli Kuli moringa to my clients for their quality standards, ethical business practices, reasonable prices, and for making moringa easy and delicious to consume.

Dr. Catherine Berger

MD, IBCLC, Board Certified Pediatrician and Lactation Consultant

As a natural products scientist, and a mom myself, research has validated many of the traditional uses of moringa by nursing mothers. While more studies are warranted on specific health outcomes, moringa certainly has great nutritional value and promising health benefits for supporting women, moms, and children.

Dr. Carrie Waterman

PHD and Kuli Kuli Scientific Advisor

After experiencing fatigue in my third trimester of pregnancy, I turned to moringa. Moringa lattes completely cured my third trimester fatigue. I continue to enjoy moringa as part of my successful breastfeeding routine. It also helps me function after sleepless nights!

Kirsten Haigh



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