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Date Established 01/2023
Founder Alex Vidger & Teresa Vidger
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Richard Gregory


We are inspired by love of the land and the oceans. The Kolibri family is at their happiest when surrounded by beautiful, clean bodies of water. So we created a luxury mens swimwear brand that would be a part of the solution and give back to the oceans in a meaningful way.

Our products utilize over 99% bio-based and recycled materials in order to create one of the most environmentally sustainable swimwear brands on the market. Further, our partnership with the PADI AWARE Foundation helps to clean our seas, protect our wildlife and educate our people.

Founding Story

The Kolibri family feels deeply connected to the breathtaking beauty of our earth and seas. But we've also seen the heartbreaking impact of pollution and waste, a reality that fueled our desire to make a difference.

That's why we created Kolibri, a luxury lifestyle brand built on the foundation of unwavering commitment to both quality and sustainability. We consciously and meticulously design each piece with the highest standards in mind, ensuring all components – from zippers and buttons to the very fabric itself – are fully sustainable. We partner with vendors who share our values, ensuring every step of our journey is aligned with our vision for a cleaner planet.

We believe that style and substance can coexist, and that luxury can – and must be – conscious. The first cornerstone of sustainability is “Reduce”, which teaches us that high-quality products are essential to ending the wasteful trends brought by fast fashion. We're committed to pushing the boundaries of both sustainability and quality, proving that luxury and responsibility can go hand in hand.

Our dedication extends beyond our products. We actively partner with organizations that safeguard our oceans from the harmful effects of plastic pollution. Our goal is to leave a legacy of clean waters and healthy marine life for future generations.

This isn't just a business for us; it's a calling. By sharing our story and inviting you to join us, we hope to inspire others to embrace sustainable practices and play their part in preserving the wonders of the natural world. Together, we’re creating a future where luxury fashion and sustainability is a reality we can all proudly wear.


Protecting Our Seas

We donate a portion of every purchase toward the PADI AWARE Foundation, a publicly funded non-profit whose mission is to achieve balance between humanity and the ocean.

99% Sustainable

Our products feature 99% recycled and bio-based materials, making Kolibri one of the most sustainable swimwear brands on the planet.

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