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Date Established 05/2017
Founder Valerie Smith
Headquarters Brooklyn, NY
Press Contact Valerie Smith


Klei is a Brooklyn-based self-care company committed to sustainability, promoting self-love, and giving back to the Brooklyn community. The Klei self-care line includes sea salt bath soaks, floral facial steams, pampering clay masks, and sugar body scrubs.

Klei believes that taking care of the self should never be at the expense of others. For this reason, Klei products are 100% cruelty-free, water-free, natural, and recyclable. Klei caters to all types of skin concerns and its collections are comprised of natural skincare, pampering bath and body products, and self-care gift sets.

10% of Klei's online sales are donated to three Brooklyn community organizations - The Brooklyn Community Foundation, Brooklyn Community Services, and Brooklyn Neighborhood Improvement Association. Their work helps to strengthen neighborhoods in need and provide opportunities and resources for youth and families.

Founding Story

Klei was started in 2017, while Valerie was working as a buyer and planner in the fashion industry in NYC. Valerie rediscovered her childhood joy of creating natural products as a way to escape the stress of her fashion career, creating clay masks after work and on the weekends, and growing Klei through wholesale accounts. Klei's founding principles of being earth-friendly and low-waste were inspired by Valerie's time in the fashion industry, and her frustration with the wasteful production process that is so common throughout the industry.

Team Bios

Valerie's background is in the Fashion industry, as a buyer and planner. Her experience within the industry motivated her to start Klei, a company focused on sustainability and being customer-centric. 

She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and daughter.


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I’m VERY obsessed with this clay-based cleanser in powder form. Mix just a little powder with a few drops of water and it works itself into a rich lather that is so calming for the face. It comes in a glass jar (the plastic lid is recyclable) which I will reuse for storage.

Julia Gall for Marie Claire

When it’s 2020, every day feels like a long day deserving of a luxurious bubble bath. This all-natural foaming soak does wonders for your mind and body, thanks to skin-softening coconut milk and calm-inducing lavender scents.

Kelsie Schrader for Apartment Therapy

Most of us reach for a clay mask when we’re oily or want to zap a pimple that decided to take up space (and not pay rent) on our faces. This face mask is made with French green clay, lavender, and aloe to help clarify, balance, and calm the skin.

Bianca Lambert for Byrdie

We did some digging and found a top-rated facial oil that not only delivers results, but also works without controversial and potentially-dangerous ingredients–it’s Klei’s Avocado & Rosehip Nourish Treatment Oil. This 100-percent natural facial oil moisturizes the skin and brightens the complexion using a blend of skin-healing oils, making it the best facial oil for dry, aging skin.

Emily Belfiore for SHEFINDS

The base of this clarifying oil is grapeseed, similarly high in linoleic acid. Black cumin seed oil functions as its antibacterial capacity, while two-percent salicylic acid makes this the most active oil in the bunch. Have frequent breakouts but still want the nourishing, glowy effects of a face oil? This one’s for you.


I have tried many a clay mask, and this one by Klei may be my actual favourite. It's gentler than most, and leaves my skin feeling baby soft and radiant after just a few minutes.

Alice Prendergast for Buzzfeed


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