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Natural oral electrolyte solution


Date Established 01/2018
Founder Jeremy Adams
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Beverage, Fitness, Beauty
Press Contact Daniel Huipe



Kinderlyte is a new natural electrolyte solution that comes in liquid powder form – it replenishes electrolytes fast like an IV and is made without artificial ingredients. The original Kinderlyte line and the new Kinderlyte Advanced line are the first products released by Kinderfarms - a parent company that specializes in natural wellness products that reflect the values of today's healthy families. Unlike some of the sports beverages and other hydration products out there, Kinderlyte Advanced is free of artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Kinderfarms never uses ingredients like Sucralose, ACE K, Yellow #6, Blue #1 or Red #40 and are committed to developing value driven, natural and effective alternatives to conventional wellness products for families. KinderfarmKinderlyte and “rehydration” because we found (and were shocked) that there weren’t truly clean and effective options available. We knew we could create a better product and set out to find a solution to this problem – and to make it affordable and accessible. Kinderlyte is just the beginning…we are developing several other product lines under Kinderfarms with the same ethos – clean, better-for-you ingredients, accurate product claims with transparent labeling, accessible pricing that will be available to the mass market. Kinderfarms is dedicated to providing better lives for families. They donate 1% of Kinderlyte sales to world water relief efforts. Every time you choose Kinderlyte for your family, you give life-saving access to clean water for families in need.

Founding Story

Following a disconcerting trip to the store at 2am for his daughter, Kinderfarms founder Jeremy Adams noticed that the oral electrolyte solution (OES) he had purchased was packed with harmful artificial sweeteners, flavorings, and food dyes. He was shocked that there were no options that didn’t contain so many potentially dangerous contaminants, including sucralose, acesulfame potassium (ACE K), Yellow #6, Blue #1, and Red #40. On the journey home, Jeremy decided to start what would eventually become Kinderfarms, a company dedicated to providing the healthiest hydration alternatives to better serve the needs and values of today's families. Kinderlyte, their specific range of all natural, additive-free hydration solutions, offers consumers a range of delicious drinks and powders that safely fast track essential electrolytes and nutrients straight to the bloodstream using groundbreaking Instant Absorption Technology™ (IAT™).

Team Bios

Jeremy Adams


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With a MBA in Business from Harvard, a BS in Business Administration and Management from University of California’s Haas Business School, and 20 years of experience founding and managing top brands across the health, food, and beverage industries, Jeremy Adams was well-poised to disrupt yet another market. He started his career as a strategy consultant for large CPG companies as well as managing brands at Unilever (e.g., Dove) before leaving to run Marketing and Innovation for natural and organic beverage companies (e.g., Pom Wonderful and GT’s Kombucha) over a decade ago. Jeremy has spent the last 4 years as an entrepreneur, building his own brands he’s passionate about. Two companies he’s founded and now CEO of are Adapted Nutrition (A fast-growing clean keto supplements brand) and Kinderfarms, a company that’s disrupting the health and wellness products category for families by providing better-for-you alternatives. As a CMO for a number of natural and organic products pioneers, Jeremy always sought out opportunities where he felt like he could make a positive difference in the world. As a new Dad, who almost lost his wife and daughter in childbirth, he made what turned out to be an easy decision, to re-prioritize his life and go out on his own to ensure that he had more time with his daughter. His story with Kinderfarms is a very personal one. After making a 2 AM trip to the store for an emergency rehydration product for his young daughter one evening, Adams noticed that the Oral Electrolyte Solution he purchased was full of artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors – Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Yellow #6, Blue #1, Red #40 – ingredients that he wouldn’t want to take himself, much less give to his daughter. It was then Jeremy decided to found Kinderfarms and entirely revolutionize the outdated standards of OES products. Prior to the creation of Kinderfarms in 2018, Adams founded Adapted Nutrition (2016), a leader in clean and keto nutritional supplements, and co-founded BeyondBrands (2016), an influential consulting firm focused on creating and incubating the next generation of conscious businesses. Adams has taken on many other highly influential roles at Brita, Unilever, Clorox, Axe, Q-tips, Boxed Water, Bossa Nova Superfruits, Cuties Clementines, and GameChanger Products. These positions include CEO, CMO, Senior Strategist, and General Manager. Over the years, Adams’ contributions to this wide range of companies have resulted in brand recognition at the Effie Awards, Webby Awards, Pentawards, and CPMA Best New Product Awards.




“Kinderlyte Oral Electrolyte solution is an excellent hydration option for families who are experiencing mild to moderate dehydration and prefer natural products. It's also what I recommend to patients in my own practice.”

Dr. Carey Chronis, MD


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