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Date Established 01/2013
Founder Jonathan Goldberg
Headquarters Toronto
E-commerce & Retail
Dating & Romance
Press Contact Jonathan Goldberg


Kimberfire is a diamond jewelry brand that offers a wide range of engagement rings, custom jewelry, and ready-to-wear pieces. They provide ethically-sourced, natural earth-mined or lab-grown diamonds, along with Canadian diamonds. Kimberfire aims to provide a personal and transparent experience, offering expert guidance, impeccable craftsmanship, and competitive pricing.

Founding Story

Kimberfire was founded in 2013 when Jonathan Goldberg, our President & CEO, saw an opportunity to bring technology to the retail of high-end jewelry. He created our direct-to-consumer brand and built software to facilitate our unique sales process.

Jonathan is an internationally trained diamond grader with experience working in a diamond-cutting factory in the Middle East, in diamond sector business development in the busy diamond-trading centre of Antwerp and in the wholesale diamond trade in North America. Yes, he actually sat for hours each day cutting diamonds from rough stones into the polished diamonds we’re accustomed to seeing in jewelry – it was an awesome way to learn all about them!

As a break (at times fun and at times not so fun) between his prior luxury goods sector experience and founding Kimberfire, he went back to school for his MBA (fun) and spent 3 years at one of the large Canadian banks as an investment banker (had its moments!).

While in banking, his friends who were getting engaged would always ask him about the best place to buy a diamond engagement ring. Should they buy online? Should they go to one of the many retail stores? A common phrase he heard was, “I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars at ‘X’ on a ring online, but I don’t want to pay the prices being asked by ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ locally.”

Friends, and friends of friends, were thrilled when he navigated his relationships with diamond manufacturers and suppliers to source their perfect diamond. They were ecstatic that he was able to find diamonds at very competitive prices (those typically only seen online) while also providing the opportunity for them to evaluate their diamond alongside someone they trust, the same way they would be able to at only the highest-end stores. These were the fundamentals that shaped Kimberfire.


Constellation Earrings
Constellation Earrings $630.00
Petite Constellation Necklace
Petite Constellation Necklace $945.00
Constellation Necklace
Constellation Necklace $1460.00
Pebble Studs
Pebble Studs $700.00
Pebble Necklace
Pebble Necklace $1035.00


Virtual Engagement Ring or Custom Jewelry Consultation

1 Hour

Specializing in engagement rings, wedding bands, and custom jewelry, Kimberfire virtually guides clients through a unique process utilizing our proprietary technology platform - resulting in great value on the highest quality jewelry.

Virtual Styling
Wedding Glam
Fashion > Luxury


Expert-Level Concierge Service

Think of Kimberfire as your personal guide - and expert - to all things jewelry. Our team of gemologists are responsive, professional, client-focused and specialize in guiding our clients through a process that is focused on helping them make the best, most informed choices every step of the way.

Personalized Process

We’re here to make finding the perfect ring feel easy - no matter what that means to each of our clients. Whether that means a completely custom approach or a seamless, efficient breeze through our options, we meet everyone exactly where they are and deliver exactly what they want.

Quality, Transparency, and Value

We want our clients to get the most out of their experience and budget, without sacrifice. We have high standards for all of our diamonds and jewelry, but go a step beyond with transparency that allows us to educate our clients on what they’re getting - without upselling.

Team Bios

Jonathan is the Founder, President & CEO of Kimberfire - a brilliant way to buy diamonds, custom engagement rings and luxury quality jewelry.

Previously, he worked in the Middle East, Belgium and Canada in various roles in the luxury goods sector including manufacturing, business development and diamond wholesale. He also spent a number of years as an investment banker with one of the large Canadian banks, where he was focused on natural resources and diversified issuers.


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