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Date Established 10/2020
Founder Hannah Hale Redfern
Headquarters Los Angeles
Press Contact Sydney Campbell, Birdie Public Relations


The Kimberly Set
The Kimberly Set $400.00
The Margaret Cardigan
The Margaret Cardigan $425.00
The Katherine Pullover
The Katherine Pullover $350.00
The Lauren Set
The Lauren Set $425.00


Kilte is proud to have sustainable knitwear made in Italy. Their washable, biodegradable superfine wool is purchased directly from the source. It’s combed, dyed and spun at their mills outside of Florence and Milan. Their organic Mongolian cashmere comes from farms committed to animal welfare and protection of grazing pastures. It’s all 100% sustainable and 100% traceable back to the source.

Their alpaca, merino and superfine wool pieces are knitted at a factory in Florence, Italy that’s been run by the same family for generations. Their cashmere is knitted at a woman-run factory committed to working with independent brands. They know everything about our materials and process, and now, so do you.

One reason they started Kilte was to create flexible work options for women in retail. Their entire team, from production to design to marketing, are women who left full-time careers to be mothers. All of the styles in our collections are named after these amazing women. Their commitment to flexible work for women continues.

Founding Story

For their founder Hannah, everything changed in October, 2017, when her daughter was born. My world shifted from pre-motherhood—where she had worked in fashion and finance for years—to the joyful and sometimes scary reality of caring for a wonderful new human.

Not only was her day-to-day new, so was her perspective. Her existing wardrobe and personal style didn’t match my new world. Nor did the old version of her career. She spoke with hundreds of women in a similar position and discovered that they felt the same way. With insight and thought came inspiration: a new approach to style, and a business built to offer a flexible work life to women in retail.

That inspiration became Kilte. A collection and a company made for the woman who isn’t one thing—a mother, a partner, a friend, a colleague—but rather who is all of those things and more.

Team Bios

Hannah Hale Redfern

Founder / CEO

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Hannah started her career in Investment Banking at Merrill Lynch and subsequently worked as an Investment Associate in Private Equity at Sterling Partners. Her passion has always been in fashion and brand and during business school she spent time helping early-stage designers work on their business plans.

After receiving her MBA, she oversaw strategy at the denim-based business Lucky Brand. However, when her daughter was born, she recognized the opportunity to launch Kilte. She worked for two and a half years to source machine washable and dryable cashmere before launching the brand.

Hannah holds her BA in Finance, Cum Laude, from the University of Southern California and her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She currently resides in Santa Monica with her husband and three children.


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