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Date Established
Founder Yasmin Khan
Headquarters Park City, Utah
Press Contact Yasmin Khan


Overnight Oil Elixir
Overnight Oil Elixir $185.00
Mattifying Moisturizer
Mattifying Moisturizer $140.00
Foaming Cleanser
Foaming Cleanser $75.00
Obsidian Gua Sha Stone
Obsidian Gua Sha Stone $48.00


Khalm® Skincare is where beauty backed by science meets mindfulness. Their consumer’s mindful downtime is fundamental to their busy lives as much as their need to have an effective skincare regime, Khalm® answers these needs.

Khalm® Skincare designs aromatherapy driven products with Oud essential oil as its master scientific ingredient combined with natural active ingredients to deliver a powerhouse yet simple foundation.

Khalm®'s ritual focused, regenerative skincare routine delivers wellness living, driven by conscious sustainable foresting, European clean beauty regulation, globally vegan & cruelty free mandate for the inclusive world desiring a better for you natural, luxury alternative.

Khalm® Skincare is here to disrupt the luxury skincare industry by innovating clean products powered by Ancient ingredients thoughtfully created & sustainably sourced.

Founding Story

When Yasmin was young, she used to hide from the world because she suffered from an overgrown hair condition known as Hypertrichosis. She turned to makeup for covering up in order to deal with her condition. Inadvertently she became a product junkie & a makeup guru for all her cousins. After having kids, her condition got better to near gone with the help of laser hair removal therapy. She started to focus on my skincare and wellness as a result.

In her 40s, she became a Francophile by finding French skincare and the country of France. Because her skin was very sensitive with all the damage she had done by plucking, waxing, and threading, the low toxins found in European products worked perfectly for her. Then she had an idea…

Why not create a product line with an ingredient from her homelands of India and Pakistan that had a French twist? She had been born with the smell of Oud all around her in Karachi and now found it in all the luxury perfumes & home scents she was purchasing in the United States. But wondered why she couldn’t find it in the luxury french skincare aisle? She hatched a plan, and went to Paris again and she mothered or more incubated Khalm® from scientists. Today, she wants to tell everyone about the healing, calming, and elevating properties of Oud through Khalm® and its revolutionary formulations.




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