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Kenwood Vineyards

Kenwood Vineyards offers an array of delicious and highly-awarded wines that are rooted in Sonoma County, California excellence


Date Established 01/1970
Headquarters Sonoma, CA
Home, Beverage, Food
Press Contact Annabel Moore, Articulate



Kenwood Vineyards is dedicated to producing wines that are ingrained in Sonoma County’s wild spirit. The brand stays true to the heritage of its roots and passion for diverse terriers to create Kenwood's award-winning wines. Kenwood wines are from their own estate ranches and selected growers’ vineyards, which are renowned for grapes with exceptional quality, distinctive flavors and deep concentration.

Sustaining the land is crucial to what Kenwood Vineyards does and the company is always working to support the environment. All of Kenwood's estate vineyards are Sonoma Sustainable Certified, and the brand has implemented a biodiversity program to restore and protect wildlife in the area. Kenwood is committed to keeping the land wild and staying true to its nature.

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Founding Story

Kenwood Vineyard wines are defined by the land and surrounded by untamed nature. Hidden in the northwest of California, Sonoma stretches from the Pacific Coast to the Mayacamas Mountains. The wild coastal winds and rugged mountain ranges hold a strong influence over the land - and together they create unique, captivating microclimates.

These distinctive terroir's have guided Kenwood's craft from day one. Home to almost 60,000 acres of vineyards and 18 distinctive American Viticultural Areas (AVAs or appellations), Sonoma is one of the top wine growing regions in the world. Each and every Kenwood wine is crafted to be true to its roots and is a bold expression of the land’s wild character.




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