KEHO Plant-Powered Snack Bites Are Now Ketogenic Certified
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(NEW YORK, NY) - July 28, 2022 - KEHO, purveyor of real food savory, plant-powered ketogenic snack bites inspired by global cuisines, is proud to announce their official Ketogenic Certification.

Founded by Tekla Back, an ex-calorie counter and nutrition nerd with 20+ years of experience working in the food and beverage industry, KEHO is made with premium nuts, nutritious veggies, salad-quality oils and spices. Back was looking for easy, real food bites that would fit into her newly adopted keto lifestyle and created KEHO with minimal processing, no sugars or inflammatory ingredients. Available in four globally inspired flavors including Curry In A Hurry, Tex Mex Moment, Thai Me Over, and Pizza To Go, KEHO is proud to now be Ketogenic Certified, as approved by Ketogenic Certified, the gold standard in independent ketogenic certification.

Ketogenic Certified offers rigorous testing in state-of-the-art labs for their stamp-of-approval to ensure customers can trust that products are truly ketogenic. Ketogenic Certified uses blood measurements and analysis within a sample population to ensure that both the ingredients and the metabolic response are sound and keep the body in a state of ketosis.

"KEHO was designed to optimize keto macros, where we counted the carbs and made every carb count! To get officially Ketogenic Certified is an honor that will give KEHO consumers confidence to bite in," said Tekla Back. "To achieve this Ketogenic Certification, our KEHO products were tested at the #1 state of the art keto lab on a population of individuals to ensure they won’t spike glucose or kick someone out of ketosis."

True to its name, KEHO is Finnish for "living human body" and is on a real food mission to offer whole-food plant-based keto snacks to consumers. KEHO Ketogenic Certified snacks can be found online at and

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About KEHO: KEHO stands for a living human body in Finnish, because a life is best real-ly lived. KEHO innovates at the intersection of leading edge life science + lifestyle, for a healthy + happy humanity. KEHO took real food and made it into real snack food by packaging up four mouthwatering dishes: tex mex, tapenade, curry and thai. Each has real rocking recipes versus a few simple ingredients. They are delicious because real food is delicious. KEHO lives keto, you don’t have to tho - perhaps you’re just more into salty and less into sweet - everyone can fuel with KEHO.

About Ketogenic Certified: Ketogenic Certified is the gold standard certification for ketogenic products, supplements, and ingredients. By providing rigorous testing and analysis, our certification program provides a high level of trust for the company and end consumers that their product rightfully belongs in the ketogenic category.

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