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Kefla Organics

USDA Organic Hemp-Derived CBD Confections and Supplements


Date Established 12/2017
Founder Brian Donovan, Yohannes Fessehatsion
Headquarters Louisville, CO
Beverage, Food
Press Contact Brian Donovan


Hot Cocoa with 25mg CBD
Hot Cocoa with 25mg CBD $2.99
Chai Latte with CBD and Reishi
Chai Latte with CBD and Reishi $2.99
Dark & Salty CBD Chocolate
Dark & Salty CBD Chocolate $3.99
DEFEND Organic Mushroom Powder
DEFEND Organic Mushroom Powder $24.95
THRIVE Organic Mushroom Powder
THRIVE Organic Mushroom Powder $24.95


Kefla Organics was founded in 2017 in the San Francisco Bay Area by two friends who wanted to infuse the world with their love for cannabinoids. Kefla believes the secret to its success is using ingredients that have no secrets. Kefla's full line of hemp infused products are USDA certified organic and Kosher certified with Kefla's chocolate and cocoa products also being Fair Trade certified. Today, Kefla proudly produces all of their organic, full spectrum hemp products at the Kefla facility in Louisville, CO. Kefla Organics is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. Kefla's flagship line of CBD chocolate and cacao products are available in six flavors, including three traditional dark chocolate products and three unique cacao bars made with complimenting ingredients like turmeric, matcha, and coffee. Recently, Kefla launched a new line of Latte and Cocoa drink mixes that offer the combined benefits of organic cannabinoids, adaptogenic mushrooms and exotic botanical ingredients. Single serve varieties are at the core of the Kefla brand while the drink mixes also come in multi-serving jars. Kefla's products are available at a range of retailers, including independent grocery stores and leading grocer Wegman's. 

Founding Story

Since day one, Kefla Organics has been committed to sustainable agriculture and ethical sourcing practices. With a no-compromise ingredient sourcing philosophy, Kefla developed an organic supply chain to offer CBD products with clean, organic ingredients even before organic certification was available for CBD products. Upon passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, Kefla seized the opportunity to gain USDA organic certification. At the end of 2019, Kefla Organics became USDA certified organic, Fair Trade USA certified, and a member of 1% for the Planet. The name Kefla is connection to co-founder Yohannes's homeland Eritrea (in the Horn of Africa) and is a remix of a common greeting used amongst friends.


Yohannes Fessehatsion


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Kefla's other Co-Founder, Yohannes Fessehatsion, was born in East Africa and raised in Los Angeles. He attended UCLA for an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Economics. Prior to starting Kefla, Yohannes worked in tech as a Market Researcher and Data Scientists in Bay Area California. An affinity for all things organic and natural ingredients, and cannabinoids led him to start a business around hemp CBD that is now known as Kefla. Employing prior experiences, Yohannes is responsible for the operations of the company, and maintaining Kefla’s eCommerce presences.

Brian Donovan


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Brian Donovan is the Co-Founder of Kefla Organics. As Co-Founder, he is responsible for vision, innovation and growth of the company. Brian is also uniquely versed as a self-taught designer, and designs all packaging for Kefla Organics. Prior to starting Kefla, he started and operated a cold brew coffee company (Milton & Small) in the San Francisco Bay area for three years. This experience provided a broad range of expertise including manufacturing, market insights, and natural products distribution which ultimately led him to creating a brand around hemp CBD. He is originally from Florida and landed in San Francisco through a graduate program in global entrepreneurship at the University of San Francisco. Brian also holds a B.S. in Business from Champlain College in Burlington, VT. 




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