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A seven-year-old rum from the Philippines on a mission to bring a youthful attitude to an old spirit


Date Established 02/2021
Founder Alexandra Dorda
Press Contact Lia Berger, Isetta PR


A new-school Filipino rum from the next generation of makers. Kasama, named after the Filipino term for “together,” pays homage to founder Alexandra Dorda’s Filipino-Polish heritage resulting in a rum that defies the category. As the daughter of the Belvedere and Chopin vodka co-founder, Alexandra brings the same level of quality and experience her family company was built on to her first solo venture. Kasama is distilled in the Philippines, bottled at her family's distillery in Poland, and enjoyed in the United States.

The brand represents sunshine and optimism inside and out with a golden rum that is aged 7 years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels and has notes of sweet pineapple, a hint of vanilla, and a pinch of sea salt. Leaving behind the typical tropes associated with old-school rum brands like sailors and pirates and absent of heavily spiced flavor profiles - Kasama brings a refreshing approach in both branding and palate to a category in need of a breath of fresh air.

This holiday season, Kasama partnered with Oodaalolly, the chocolate company that combines Filipino flavors with Swiss techniques, to create Kasama Rum Chocolates – 100% Filipino rum meets 100% chocolate.

Founding Story

Kasama was inspired by founder Alexandra Dorda’s heritage as the daughter of a Filipino mother and Polish father who co-founded both Belvedere and Chopin—the renowned vodka brand she and her family have run for 30 years. This background gives her a thorough understanding of the spirits industry, an unparalleled commitment to quality, and a unique perspective on a category that is overdue for a new approach.


Kasama x Natori Rum
Kasama x Natori Rum $49.99
Kasama Rum
Kasama Rum $29.99

Team Bios

Alexandra Dorda


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Alexandra Dorda is the founder of Kasama Rum - a small-batch rum inspired by her mother’s native Philippines. Alexandra’s love of craft spirits comes from her Polish father, who co-founded Belvedere & Chopin Vodkas. After graduating from Stanford University with a degree in International Relations, Alexandra worked at Chobani Yogurt for two years in Manhattan before returning to Poland to work for the family business doing marketing and new product development. She then moved on to work in private equity for 4 years before she was drawn back to the spirit industry, forging her own path with the development of Kasama. Alexandra’s first solo venture not only brings to light her industry knowledge, heritage, and entrepreneurship that runs in her family but also, a sense of optimism that many consumers are craving right now.




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